Elizabeth Straker is an administrator who worked in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from September to December 1987.

Time in the emergency department (1987)

At a cocktail party in September, Elizabeth met Ewart Plimmer, initially with conflict and differing opinions. (CAS: "A Little Lobbying") After weeks of heated debates and arguments, Elizabeth found the courage to invite Ewart over to dinner, he accepted and ended up staying the night but ignored bleeps on his pager following riots between the police and a local community. (CAS: "The Raid")

In December 1987, Elizabeth visited Ewart, now her new love interest in hospital after he had suffered a mild heart attack; his ex wife Roz also visited. (CAS: "Burning Cases")

By early September 1988, Elizabeth had left Holby for America fed up of Ewart being 'married to Casualty'. (CAS: "Welcome to Casualty") Her replacement, Valerie Sinclair was soon at loggerheads with Ewart over the closing of the observation ward.

Behind the scenes

Maureen O'Brien portrayed Elizabeth Straker in Casualty from September to December 1987.


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