Emile Coudert is the owner of Hótel Délassant and a former volunteer worker at a refugee camp in northern France. As a volunteer, he would gain the trust of vulnerable refugee women and force them into slavery at the hotel after promising them work.


At some point, Emile began volunteering at a refugee camp in northern France and luring vulnerable female refugees to Hótel Délassant by giving them food and promising them work. In July 2017, he started targeting a woman named Hadia; on 1 August, he took her to the hotel and forced her inside a darkened room with his other slaves. Said, a male refugee who was injured while trying to stop Emile, alerted medics Cameron Hamilton, Alicia Munroe and Louise Tyler of Emile's actions, and they travelled to the hotel to investigate. They soon found the women, and Emile fled. (CAS: Episode 1050)

Behind the scenes

Raphael Desprez portrayed Emile for the first two episodes of series 32 of Casualty.

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