Emma Dufresne (born 1983/1984) is the former partner of Sam Strachan. She currently resides in New York and works as an attorney at a hospital.

In 2016, she was rushed into the ED whilst in Holby for a medical conference which Sam was attending. She had suffered from a burst blood vessel in her abdomen, but she later recovered following surgery which was preceded by a procedure performed by Connie Beauchamp with the assistance of Jac Naylor.


In 2015, she started dating Sam Strachan, presumably via work as she works as a hospital attorney in New York at the same hospital where Sam does. (CAS: "Hearts and Flowers") In February 2016, she travelled to the UK with Sam and Grace whilst he was there for a conference on cardiothoracics. However, she suffered severe stomach pains whilst staying at a hotel in Holby and Grace had to call her mother for help.

Upon arrival in the ED, Connie began treating her suspecting it was caused by her IBS. However, it later became clear that it was being caused by an enlarged or burst blood vessel inside her stomach which would require surgery. Sam arrived at the ED but said he didn't want her being treated on the NHS but by private healthcare, but Connie explained to him that there wasn't enough time and that she needed surgery now. With some help from Jac Naylor, Connie was able to successfully perform the procedure to stabilise her before being sent up to theatre. By the end of the shift, Jac reported to Connie that Emma's operation was successful and that she was recovering in ICU. (CAS: "Hearts and Flowers")

The following week, Emma was still recovering in the hospital with frequent visits from Sam and Grace as they prepared to go to a hotel until Emma was better, at which point they planned to fly home. (CAS: "Just Do It")

Behind the scenes

Elizabeth Croft portrayed Emma Dufresne for two episodes of Casualty in 2016.


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