Emma Willson is a woman who lives in Holby.


At some point, Emma's daughter Evie committed suicide - her death resulted in her hating hospitals. She later decided to take care of a diabetic girl named Carrie Procter as her foster mother.

On 22 June 2019, before their six-month review, Emma took Carrie to an outdoor gym session at a park, but she ran off and collided with the side of a bus. Sister Lisa "Duffy" Duffin reduced Carrie's open fracture at the scene and gave her some of her sports drink when she became hypoglycaemic. Emma subsequently accompanied Carrie to Holby City Hospital's emergency department. There, Carrie told Emma that the accident was caused by her tripping over one of her shoelaces and asked Duffy to encourage her to attend the review without her.

Outside the department, Duffy told Emma that Carrie saw her as "just another temporary placement", but Emma denied her assertion and insisted that she wanted to connect with her. Duffy suggested helping her manage her diabetes, and Emma agreed to do so. However, they both found her having a seizure in her cubicle. Once she stabilised, Emma promised to help her with her diabetes, but Carrie refused her help and asserted that she was not a substitute for Evie and called her "pathetic". Horrified, Emma left.

After finding Carrie in a toilet cubicle, Duffy retrieved Emma from the coffee shop to attempt to get her to accept treatment. After Emma promised to never leave her, Carrie allowed them in. (CAS: Episode 1132)

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