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"End of the Road" is the 142nd episode of Casualty and the 14th episode of the 9th series.


Ash visits the department to ask Mike and Charlie to be character witnesses, while Eddie treats an Elvis Presley fan whose costume has given her an infected foot. Dennis Martin, who has Alzheimer's, is found by his sister Iris having taken an overdose. His wife Caroline and Iris' husband Ronnie admit they left him alone with the pills to see if he'd take them. Jude overhears this and Ash advises her to keep quiet. Geoff meets with his mistress Bev to return a bracelet she bought him; her neighbour Colin attempts to blackmail her over the affair. While Bev attends Geoff's birthday party, some lads lock her son Nathan in a car boot and accidentally crash it into the party, injuring Bev, Colin and Geoff's wife Sheila. As ambulances are taking them to the hospital, Dennis deliberately steps out in front of the convoy and is killed.

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