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The 11th episode of series 22 is the 1019th episode of Holby City overall. It was directed by Jamie Annett and written by Ed Sellek.


Xavier is piecing together the puzzle of Evan's death - and getting dangerously close to exposing the truth. How far will Cameron go to neutralise Xav? Will things ever be the same again?

Essie thinks the worst thing that will happen to her today is dealing with Children's Services, but she's wrong. Meanwhile Ben deals with Roger Ffolkes, who forces him to face some difficult truths.

Jac is keen to impress the Board today with a complex and rare surgery that will put them ahead of the competition, but, with Nicky hiding her 'sausage-fingers', is Darwin doomed to fail?



  • This episode was originally set to be broadcast on 17 March, but it was postponed until the following week due to extended news coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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