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The 12th episode of series 22 is the 1020th episode of Holby City overall. It was directed by Steve Brett and written by Ed Sellek.

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Max is feeling a sense of nervous anticipation: today is the day she's meeting up with her estranged daughter, all while juggling her work responsibilities. Ric and Ange worry about the fact that Max is trying to achieve too much and that her patient might be sidelined. Meeting up in a park, Max is poleaxed at first sight of her child.

Band five ED nurse David Hide is recruited on Darwin to assist, but, as Jac keeps reiterating to Fletch, it's a specialised nursing role, and she questions whether David has the relevant specialism: to her, he's a glorified paramedic. Kian tries in vain to support David by encouraging him to relax, which ultimately makes him even more frustrated and baffled.

Essie remains tense as she waits for her CT scan to see if her cancer has returned. Sacha stays positive, buoyed by the fact that privately, he's decided that he wants to propose to Essie. He lets Dom in on the idea but swears him to secrecy. Essie and Dom eventually make up after Dom's illicit kiss with Ben, but bad news is on the horizon.

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  • This episode was originally set to be broadcast on 24 March, but it was postponed until the following week due to extended news coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak pushing back the previous episode.

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