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The 13th episode of series 22 is the 1021st episode of Holby City overall. It was directed by Steve Brett and written by Simon Norman.

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Max sits in Albie's Bar, reeling from meeting her child for the first time in six years. She goes to take her first drink after years of sobriety but ends up spilling it over herself. She returns to work, but Ric accuses her of having had alcohol, while Ange worries that Max is not in the right mindset to be operating.

David and Kian continue to bond with one another. David is hellbent on proving his worth, while Fletch thinks they need to take a stand against Max's decision to move nurses around the hospital. Puffed up and ready to fight the good fight, they make a complaint - but they get more than they bargained for and David is summoned to Max’s office.

Essie wants time to process her grave news and chooses to keep the truth from Sacha. This puts Dom in a difficult position as he has to keep schtum. Sacha wonders why Essie is being so evasive - and then realises she has had her scan results.

Donna continues to blank Xavier, while Cameron encourages them to work things out. When Xavier unexpectedly turns up at the hospital, Donna gives him the benefit of the doubt.

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  • This episode was originally set to be broadcast on 31 March, but it was postponed until the following week due to extended news coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak on the 14 March.

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