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The 20th episode of series 22 is the 1028th episode of Holby City overall. It was directed by Dean Byfield and written by Julie Parsons.


Stressed and exhausted, Nicky struggles at work - with catastrophic consequences. When she witnesses Brenda dying, she feels it deeply. Coupled with her overbearing mother Tracey, who is fast becoming a burden, Nicky is pushed to the limits.

Cameron is knocked back by Ange, who feels that he's not ready to take the next step in his career and needs to learn more about the role he is doing. Frustrated, he takes his pent up anger out on an innocent Louis.

Sacha feels that he has to be respectful of what Essie needs at this critical time with her cancer diagnosis, but when Dominic urges him not to give up, Sacha convinces Essie to continue with her palliative care treatment.



Song Artist Scene
"Digital" Joy Division Nicky walks into work.
"Teardrop" Massive Attack Nicky is taken into theatre, and Jac and Chloe scrub in.
Sacha and Essie embrace, while Jac and Chloe operate on Nicky.

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