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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1032 of Holby City is the 24th episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by Tracey Rooney and written by Lucia Haynes.


In the hospital car park, Ric experiences an aura and sees Guy deliberately attempting to run him over. However, in reality, a van throws a man named Isaac with a stick embedded in his leg onto the tarmac and speeds off. After accompanying Isaac to AAU, Ric claims that his operation has been rescheduled, but Max demands to know why he "stood [her] up". Dominic expresses his concerns to Sacha about Essie's ability to take care of Isla and asks Sacha if he knews when Frankie is returning. At home, Essie assures Isla that her mother will be back for her soon and decides to find Sacha after he fails to return her calls. On AAU, Ric claims that he is not symptomatic and that he just does not want the surgery at that moment, but Max believes that he does not trust her. Essie finds Sacha at the hospital and tries to discuss the Frankie situation with him, but he is preoccupied with work.

Ric informs Isaac that he will be transferred to orthopaedics for surgery, but Isaac wants to leave. The two begin to get on when they realise that they are both from Ghana, but Isaac claims that he does not want to live there. After Cameron provokes Louis by bringing up the drugs incident, Cameron approaches Ange and volunteers to keep an eye on him. Chloe matches with a user named "Surferdude123" on a dating website but is apprehensive about meeting up; Nicky reminds Chloe that she cannot "lock [herself] away for ever". A patient named Alison Gardner arrives on Keller with an abdominal abscess, and Dominic suggests it could be a swab left in from a previous appendectomy. Sacha tells Dominic that he and Essie are going to discuss Isla's future. To Dominic's surprise, Sacha vouches for Frankie as a mother and asserts that she deserves the benefit of the doubt.

In the car park, Chloe meets a man named Owen whose brother Reece is being treated on Darwin for a "dicky heart". On Keller, Essie confides in Dominic about Sacha's silence and her fears about Isla's future. Chloe is tasked with treating Reece, but she quickly recognises him as "Surferdude123". Donna notices an abnormality with one of Isaac's hands and decides to view the CCTV footage to see how he landed, but Ric insists on reviewing the footage himself. When Max passes by, Ric tells her that she is too emotionally involved and claims that he does not need a "friend drilling into [his] skull".

Dominic confronts Sacha for lying and tells him that Essie is devastated about Frankie's disappearance. Sacha acknowledges that he has made the situation worse, and Dominic urges him to talk to Essie. On the ward, Sacha realises that Alison has developed sepsis and has been drinking her hand gel. Alison explains that she has "burned [her] bridges" with her family, but Sacha assures her that there is help available for her alcoholism. Guy arrives for his disciplinary hearing and blames Ric for his actions by constantly undermining his professional judgement. Ric argues that allowing Guy to operate in the state he was in would have put patients and the reputation of the hospital at risk. Guy asserts that Ric treated him poorly as payback for his involvement with Kestrel and accuses Ric of abusing his power. Henrik decides to adjourn the meeting as Ric's symptoms begin to manifest. On Keller, while operating on Alison, Sacha and Dominic are surprised to find a chicken bone perforating her bowel.

Guy visits Max in her office, intending to "wipe the slate clean" between them, but Max rejects him and asserts that he thrives on "drama and chaos". Guy accuses Max of sounding like Ric and proclaims that she is the only reason he has stayed sober. On Darwin, Chloe informs Reese that he has a blood clot that needs to be removed during surgery and tells him that she cannot go out with him due to him being her patient. However, Reese is confused and asserted that he is not on any dating websites. At the hearing, Hanssen informs Guy that they are willing to lift his suspension, but Ric interrupts and advises that Guy undergo a blood test to rule out a relapse. A furious Guy confronts Ric, accuses him of hypocrisy and threatens to "get" him if karma does not before throwing away his badge and leaving. Out of theatre, Sacha admits to Essie that he subjected Frankie to a drugs test and asked her to leave Isla with Essie for longer. Essie is furious and leaves to track Frankie down without Sacha.

On AAU, Louis presents Ric with the CCTV footage from the car park; when Ric claims that he cannot remember, Louis calls Max. In his car, a downtrodden Guy drinks. Max informs Ric that his trapped ventricle is causing additional pressure on his brain stem and decides to operate on him immediately. In the neighbouring cubicle, Isaac encourages Ric to sign the consent form, but Ric fears for Max's state of mind in the event of his death. Essie insists on finding Frankie, but she collapses in exhaustion. On Darwin, Chloe and Reese realise that they have both been pranked, and Owen admits to setting up the profile. Reese's condition suddenly deteriorates, forcing Chloe to take him into theatre. On AAU, Sacha admits that he was being selfish, but Essie tells him that he needs to respect the plans she has put in place. Sacha does, but he asserts that he does not have a plan for her death.

In the car park, Jac spots Guy sleeping in his car and tells him to "get a grip" and fight for his job if he cares about it as much as he claims he does. As Ric is taken into theatre, he urges Donna to not allow Max to blame herself if he dies and thanks her for "everything". On the ward, Isaac loses sensation in one of his hands, and his MRI shows the presence of a spinal haematoma. Ange instructs Donna to page Max, but Max is already in theatre with Ric. After waking up from surgery, Alison asks Sacha about help with her alcoholism, but she quickly changes her mind. In theatre, Ange informs Max of Isaac's condition and states that the on-call neurosurgeon is not immediately available. Max decides to keep Ric under anaesthetic and leaves to operate on Isaac. After Reese comes out of surgery, Owen asks Chloe out; she turns him down but immediately begins to have doubts.

Downstairs, Cameron laments his poor treatment of Chloe during their relationship, but Nicky assures him that he is a "great guy", and everyone thinks that he is a "great" doctor. The two end up having sex in the on-call room. In theatre, Ric's temperature begins to drop. Guy overhears Louis calling Donna about Ric's condition and decides to take the place of the on-call neurosurgeon.


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