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Episode 1033 of Holby City is the 25th episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by Tracey Rooney and written by Joe Ainsworth.

This episode marked the final appearances of Kaye Wragg as staff nurse Essie Di Lucca and John Michie as neurosurgeon Guy Self.


After Ric is taken into theatre, Louis informs Guy that Max has been called away to an emergency. Guy announces to a confused Louis that his suspension has been lifted, and he has been appointed as the on-call neurosurgeon. After scrubbing in and commanding the theatre team to leave the room, Guy taunts an unconscious Ric and warns him that he will soon find out how "lucky" he is to have him. In the on-call room, following their passionate clinch, Cameron expresses his discomfort with "making a habit" out of romantic gestures, claiming that it "hits close to home" and might upset Chloe, and suggests that they just remain friends; Nicky is heartbroken but obliges.

On Keller, Essie confides in Fletch about her fears for Isla's future. Fletch assures her that Frankie will "come good" in the end but encourages her to give Sacha a chance to redeem himself. Fletch finds Sacha, who fears that he has irreversibly ruined his relationship with Essie, and urges him to speak to Essie before it is too late. Meanwhile, Guy announces, to the shock of the theatre team, that he will perform a high-risk craniotomy, asserting that it would provide him with maximum visibility and the greatest chance to obviate any future recurrence.

Sacha informs Essie that he and Frankie have arranged to set up a meeting so he could attempt to mitigate his mistakes and assure her of her competency as a mother, and tells Essie that the thought of not being with her is destroying him. Essie quickly forgives him and asks him to marry her today. Sacha agrees. In theatre, Ric's condition begins to deteriorate, and a drunk Guy struggles to maintain a steady hand. He demands to have Louis removed from the room, claiming that he cannot concentrate with his "incessant gabble". Back on Keller, a jubilant Sacha begins to make plans for his and Essie's wedding and enlists Dominic and Henrik's help. Dominic finds the situation "heartbreaking", but Hanssen insists it will be the opposite.

Donna is confused to discover that Guy is operating on Ric and decides to take over as the scrub nurse. Upon entering theatre, she is disturbed by Guy's rude and confrontational demeanour. Back on the ward, Louis confides in Ange about a crush he has on a certain doctor, and she encourages him to make his feelings known to them. Outside, Rabbi Stein agrees to lead Sacha and Essie's wedding. Essie tells Stein that she feels that marrying into Sacha's faith might heal some of the damage caused by her grandfather during the Holocaust.

In theatre, Guy claims that his suspension was instituted by "self-interested consultants" like Ric and makes Donna uncomfortable by discussing Zav. As Ric's temperature continues to drop, Donna is unconvinced by Guy's assertions that it will not affect the surgery, prompting Guy to give in and take a break. On AAU, Louis asks Nicky out on a date and is delighted when she says yes. Meanwhile, downstairs, Chloe immediately rebuffs Cameron's suggestion that they could ever be a couple. Guy is called back into the operating room when Ric's condition begins to rapidly deteriorate. Guy loses focus and believes that Ric cannot be resuscitated, but he quickly spurs into action and revives him. On Keller, Dominic finishes braiding Essie's hair, and Essie assures Dominic that he is a good person. Meanwhile, Sacha asks to Jac to collect the rings and be his best man.

Fearing for Ric's safety and concerned about Guy's reluctance to involve Max, Donna asks to be excused for a break. Not long after she leaves, Guy finds a bleed. Donna and Louis alert Max to Guy's presence and potential intoxication in theatre. Max orders Guy to step away from the table and asks if he has been drinking; Guy denies that he has and insists that he is Ric's best chance of survival. Elsewhere, Cameron tells Nicky that he cannot stop thinking about her. On Keller, Essie asks Fletch to walk her down the aisle and thanks him for his support. After finishing preparing the chapel, Stein remarks that both Sacha and Essie are loved by their colleagues, and urges Sacha to "keep them close".

In theatre, after Guy manages to remove the fluid from Ric's temporal horn, Max takes over and orders him to leave. Meanwhile, Cameron and Nicky finish having sex in the on-call room again. Cameron is open to them having a relationship but still insists on keeping it private. Having noticed Chloe wearing red lipstick earlier that day, Cameron suggests that Nicky do the same. Max is relieved to find that Ric has not sustained any brain damage and thanks the theatre team for their hard work in the face of Guy's behaviour. At Pulses, Fletch tells Ange the news about him walking Essie down the aisle but quickly takes issue with her lukewarm response.

Max admonishes Guy for his reckless and potentially maliciously-motivated behaviour in theatre and decides to make an urgent referral to the GMC. Guy believes that her actions are being motivated by their break-up, but Max rebukes him and recommends that he "hire a good lawyer". On AAU, Nicky informs a devastated Louis that she is cancelling their date because she received an offer she "couldn't refuse", while, upstairs, Fletch takes Essie to the wedding. Guy visits an unconscious Ric and bids his enemy farewell.

On her way to the wedding, Essie drops her bouquet on the floor. As Fletch bends down to retrieve it, he is devastated to discover that Essie has died. Fletch takes Sacha out of the chapel and informs him of the tragic news. Stupefied, Sacha leaves to process the news, leaving Fletch to break the news to their friends and colleagues. Jac soon arrives late with the rings, but she quickly realises what has happened and embraces Sacha as he breaks down.

Outside the hospital, Max informs Guy that Ric has not woken from the anaesthetic and asks him to think of anything that happened in theatre that might have caused it; Guy brands Max a "piece of work" and leaves the hospital grounds. On Keller, after Stein recites the Mourner's Kaddish for Essie, a heartbroken Sacha bids her farewell. On AAU, Max blames herself for bringing Guy back to the hospital and leaving Ric, who is now in a coma, alone in theatre.


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