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Episode 1035 of Holby City is the 27th episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by Griff Rowland and written by Joe Ainsworth.


On AAU, a patient named Clayton Pearson refuses to be treated by the staff there and demands to be treated by Jac Naylor. On Keller, Steven Midgley — a homeless frequent flyer — has been admitted with acute stomach pain. An irritable Sacha coldly shoots down his colleagues' concerns about Steven's welfare during the COVID-19 crisis and tells Steven, when he asks for Essie, that she is dead. Meanwhile, Jac takes a special interest in Clayton's case and decides to have him transferred to Darwin despite the ward being "swamped".

Tried of waiting for Josh to arrive, Henrik informs Jeong-Soo and Skylar that they have been invited to join the latest cohort of F1 doctors at Holby City Hospital. After hearing a crash outside, the three find Josh on the floor after clumsily running into a mop bucket. On Darwin, Jac is concerned about Clayton's poor condition, but Kian calls her away to theatre. Kian quickly deduces that Jac and Clayton have history, and Jac explains that she met Clayton while she was sectioned. On Keller, Dominic and Donna are greeted by Jodie, who is volunteering as a hostess, and discover that she is living with Sacha.

Back on Darwin, Kian continues to feed his drug addiction. While speaking with Kian, Clayton discusses his relationship with Jac at Merrywell. On Keller, Dominic and Donna struggle to process Sacha's relationship with Jodie; Donna suggests that someone speak to Sacha. On AAU, the news that Cameron is set to be featured in a medical magazine for his alleged heroics during the peak of the pandemic spreads around the department, leaving even the patients starstruck. Nicky tells Cameron that she does not want to keep their relationship private anymore.

While Dominic informs Jac of Sacha's relationship with Jodie, Jodie expresses her discomfort with Sacha not disclosing their relationship to his colleagues. Jac confronts Sacha about his behaviour but quickly turns away after he ridicules her tumultuous personal life. On AAU, Fletch complains to Max about the lack of nursing staff and electives being constantly postponed, but Max claims that it is out of her control and urges him to make do with what he has. On Darwin, Jac informs a nervous Clayton that he requires surgery and assures him that she will not let him die. Meanwhile, on Keller, Sacha berates Dominic for speaking to Jac while failing to inform Steven of his impending cholecystectomy. on Darwin, Nicky alerts Jac to Clayton's disappearance.

On AAU, Ange introduces the three F1s to the ward, and Skylar immediately raves over the prospect of working with the now-famous Cameron. Back on Darwin, Jac frets over Clayton's whereabouts and decides to search for him herself. On Keller, Steven refuses to undergo surgery because of Sacha's state of mind; Sacha derides him for his decision and allows him to be discharged. Hanssen asks Sacha to introduce the ward to Josh, Jeong-Soo and Skylar, but Sacha firmly refuses and leaves Dominic to do the job. After Jac finds him on the hospital roof, Clayton expresses his gratefulness for meeting Jac but realises that she thinks he is going to jump. However, Clayton promptly collapses. Back on the ward, as Nicky offers the F1s a tour of Darwin, Jac rushes Clayton into theatre.

In her office, Max tells Michael Townsend, the chairman of the board, that the hospital needs more nurses, but Michael instead informs her that the board has appointed a mental health nurse to offer post-pandemic counselling and support for the team and persuades her to sign the appointment off. On AAU, a patient named Christie is smitten with Cameron and asks if he is single, but Cameron tells Chloe that he is saving himself "for the right girl". In theatre, Jac discovers that Clayton's parathyroid glands are more enlarged than she expected due to the adenoma, complicating the surgery. On Keller, as Steven prepares to leave, Jodie vouches for Sacha's competency and claims that her mother died as a result of untreated gallstones. Back on Darwin, Jac accidentally removes two parathyroid glands instead of one and feels that she has broken her promise to him, but Kian assures her that Clayton will be fine and offers to close up.

On Keller, Steven is taken into surgery and tells Sacha about Jodie's mother. Outside the hospital, Louis volunteers to work a double shift to prevent beds from being shut down; Max thanks him, but he urges her to hire extra staff instead. On AAU, Louis ridicules the attention Cameron is getting, but Chloe vouches for him. Cameron asks Chloe out for a drink, and Chloe accepts the offer. In her office, Max contacts a nursing agency, books all of their staff and asks for the invoice to be sent directly to her. On Keller, Donna tries to reassure Sacha that he is not being judged about his relationship with Jodie and that they are "both feeling the same pain". She urges him to be careful about the choices he is making and invites him to a bereavement support group. Steven expresses his appreciation to Sacha for the surgery and tells him that Essie supported him following the death of his daughter.

By reception, Nicky is delighted to hear that Cameron agrees with her view on their relationship, but Cameron instead suggests that they take "time off" to think about it. Elsewhere, Hanssen concludes the F1s' induction by announcing that, at the end of their eight-week placement at the hospital, only two of them will be offered permanent F1 posts, and the other will be transferred to St James'. On Darwin, Clayton begins to experience acute pain. Downstairs, Sacha thanks Jodie for convincing Steven to consent to surgery. Jodie believes that she has embarrassed Sacha and offers to vacate his home, but Sacha insists that they go home. Secretly, Jodie calls her mother, who is alive, to tell her about her new job, but her mother immediately hangs up. On Darwin, Kian invites Jac to go on a short break in a luxury log cabin, but Jac immediately shoots down the idea. She visits Clayton and informs him that his parathyroid levels have risen again due to unknown causes. Clayton fears for his future, but Jac insists on fixing him first.


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