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Episode 1036 of Holby City is the 28th episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by Griff Rowland and written by Ciara Conway.


Fletch gives Lucky Simpson — the hospital's new mental health nurse — a warm welcome, but Max demands to know what she is doing there. Nearby, a young woman named Annie Miller grows increasingly concerned as her girlfriend Jess complains that she cannot see. On Darwin, Jac continues to puzzle over Clayton's symptoms. Kian recommends that they work together on Clayton's case, but Jac pushes him away and instructs him to cover her electives.

On AAU, Max examines Jess' eyes and asks Louis to collect some cyclizine, but Louis is distracted by Lucky's presence on the ward. Max assures Jess that she will do her best to make sure she does not go blind and asks Jess and Annie for family members to contact; they claim that Jess' parents are out of the country and that they will be fine. Louis asks Max why Lucky is at the hospital, but Max instead instructs him to track down Jess' parents in case her suspected diagnosis is correct. Fletch informs Max that an invoice for an extra set of nurses has been addressed to her; Max feigns confusion. Lucky calls Max over to her for a "quick chat".

Elsewhere, Skylar, Josh and Jeong-Soo are paged to Darwin by Henrik for one of Jac's cases. On AAU, Lucky regrets that her actions led to Max's dismissal at a previous hospital, but Max insists on moving on. On Darwin, Kian debriefs the three F1s on Clayton's case and instructs them to find a diagnosis. However, Jac takes issue with Kian's approach and tells him to back off. Back on AAU, Ange expresses her concerns to Chloe regarding her blossoming relationship with Cameron, but Chloe asserts that Cameron deserves a chance and asks Ange to make sure that Nicky does not find out about it on the grapevine. Meanwhile, Jac sits by Clayton's bedside and tells him that she still has not settled on a diagnosis, but Clayton appreciates the company. Kian tries to call Jac away, but she refuses to leave Clayton.

On Keller, Fletch reintroduces Donna to Alex Duval who has been employed by the hospital as a fully fledged HCA, but Donna snaps at Fletch for not informing her beforehand. Louis approaches Jess after she left the address field blank on her registration form; Annie admits that they are homeless. Meanwhile, Lucky introduces herself to Donna after hearing about her exemplary performance during the Covid crisis and Zav's death, and offers her the opportunity for a chat, but Donna turns her down. On Darwin, Fletch catches Kian taking one of his pills and is unconvinced by Kian's lie that it is pain relief and threatens to ask Jac. Kian claims that the drugs are antidepressants that his GP prescribed to him following the peak of the pandemic; Fletch insists that he speak to Lucky about his problems. By reception, Nicky approaches Cameron about him not checking in on her during the night; Cameron asserts that he did not want to wake her.

On AAU, Max informs Jess that she has a bleed that is pressing against her brain and requires surgery and help from her family, but Jess explains that she left her family for Annie because they did not approve of her sexuality on religious grounds. On Darwin, Kian is reluctant to talk to Lucky, but he vaguely explains the situation regarding Jac; Lucky advises that he give Jac space. On Keller, Donna tries to avoid making small talk with Alex and reprimands him for talking to old colleagues of Zav when he should have been working. Max oversees Louis speaking with Lucky and questions him about it, but he suggests that Lucky likely just saw his name badge. Nearby, Jess' condition rapidly deteriorates. Max tells Annie to call Jess' parents, but Annie refuses, prompting to Max to publicy admonish Annie. In the basement, after failing to find a diagnosis for Clayton individually, Jeong-Soo suggests that he, Josh and Skylar work together, but Josh decides to investigate Clayton's symptoms and history personally.

Lucky urges Max to calm down before operating on Jess and insists that she was trying to protect Max by reporting her for being drunk. However, when Lucky mentions Louis, Max realises that Lucky and Louis remained in touch. Lucky explains that Louis came to her for advice about transitioning and contends that she did not know about his disappearance, but Max is incandescent and orders Lucky to immediately leave the hospital. On Keller, Dominic tells Sacha that Jodie has been spreading gossip about him throughout the hospital and comments on Donna "barking" at Alex all day, but Donna asserts that she does not have to be pleased that Alex is working on the ward just because he is Zav's brother.

On Darwin, Clayton goes into VT, but Jac fails to find his notes; Skylar accidentally left them elsewhere. On Keller, Dominic and Nicky, who has been sent to the ward for a consult, discuss Sacha's behaviour; Dominic remarks that Jodie is likely just a "sexual sticking plaster" for Sacha as he would be jubilant if he was in a happy relationship. On Darwin, Jeong-Soo deduces that Clayton has another tumour that has been caused by an eating disorder. Meanwhile, Chloe overhears Nicky telling Cameron that she does not want to keep their relationship a secret anymore. In theatre, Max operates on Jess while Lucky watches. Back on the ward, Ange tells Chloe that Cameron is a "coward" and a "liar" and that the "big hero" act is all fake. Cameron suggest that he and Nicky apologise to Chloe later at the flat, but Ange prevents Cameron from approaching Chloe.

Alex approaches Donna about her attitude towards him throughout the day, and Donna claims that she has had a lot on her mind. Alex understands and offers himself up for a talk as a friend, but Donna insists that, as his supervisor, she cannot be his friend. On Darwin, after Jac removes Clayton's tumour, she thanks Kian for putting up with her. Elsewhere, Max demands Lucky's resignation, claiming that she cannot be trusted not to betray her staff's confidence, but Lucky stands firm. On AAU, Nicky apologises to Louis for not telling him about her relationship with Cameron when he asked her out; Louis claims that he would have "shouting it from the roof of [the] hospital" if she said yes. Meanwhile, Hanssen reprimands the three F1s for failing to work together and punishes them by forcing them to write post-op reports for the following morning.

After Clayton wakes up, Jac urges him to seek help for his body dysmorphia. Clayton tries to tell Jac who he feels about her, but Jac informs him that she is seeing someone who is kind and would "never do anything to hurt [her]". In her office, as Max attempts to book more agency staff using her own money, Louis tries to speak to her; Max does not answer and refuses to let him in. Max's debit card is declined. On Darwin, Clayton witnesses Kian taking his pills.


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