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Episode 1048 of Holby City is the 40th episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by David Innes Edwards and written by Becky Prestwich.


A nervous Cameron approaches Bobby who accuses him of knowingly leaving Zav to die and stealing his bag. Cameron tries to deny Bobby's allegation and tries to gaslight him, but Bobby is unmoved and vows to inform the police. Cameron calmly warns Bobby that he will not let him go to the police and is called away by Kian.

Ange visits Dominic, who has been inspecting his surgical wounds, and expresses her pleasure at the number of visitors he has had; Dominic corrects her, stating that he has had none since deciding to sue the hospital, and claims to have overheard the other staff making comments about him. Ange argues that it is to be expected "if" he decides to go ahead with the lawsuit, but Dominic insists that Sacha's decision to pull him out of the wreckage was wrong and asks for her support; Ange reluctantly assures him that she will always be on his side.

On Darwin, Cameron is fixated by Bobby and ignores his colleagues. Nicky tells him that he cannot continue to ignore her and the pregnancy; Cameron dismisses her nonetheless, prompting Nicky to publicly confront him and give him until the end of the day to decide on where she stands.

Cameron calls Sahira, who is in theatre with Henrik, and informs her that her father is trying to contact her, but Sahira is preoccupied with surgery. Hanssen instructs Sahira to tie off their patient's common iliac vein, but Sahira fears that the patient will lose her right leg and instead suggests attempting a venous graft using the vein in her left leg.

After being presented with a cup of coffee from Louis, Nicky tells him that she has not been sleeping well and announces that she is pregnant. Louis is shocked and congratulates her, but Nicky believes that Cameron is not interested. Louis assures her that, even without Cameron, her child will be lucky to have her as a mother. Nicky tells Louis that she has given Cameron an ultimatum and states that, irrespective of his decision, it is "[her] and them now".

On Keller, Fletch catches Donna pushing a drugs trolley and informs her that, as more agency nurses have been booked than he anticipated, her presence is required elsewhere. Donna turns around and is overjoyed to find Alex in fancy attire and wielding a bouquet of flowers; he tells her to follow him.

Kian catches Cameron watching Bobby and asks him if he has spoken to Mr Brough about his scan results; Cameron claims to have been busy answering phones. Nicky passes by and snarkily attacks Cameron for "avoiding a tough conversation".

After completing the surgery successfully, Hanssen correctly presumes that Sahira's relationship with Rafi is still "messy" when she claims that she cannot remember the last time she felt extremely happy. Sahira finds that she has six missed calls from her father, but she assumes that he was trying to call her about something trivial.

Cameron approaches Bobby who is experiencing chest pain. He accuses Bobby of "[mowing Zav] down, deliberately, like a man possessed" and claims that he ran away out of fear. Bobby is astonished by Cameron's words, but Cameron implies that the police will ultimately believe his version of events. Cameron volunteers to call the police immediately, but Bobby is preoccupied with his worsening pain. As Cameron leaves, he tells Chloe that Bobby needs pain relief.

A man is moved onto Keller with a "torrential" gastrointestinal bleed. Hanssen asks Fletch to activate the major haemorrhage protocol, but Hanssen is shocked when he discovers that the patient is Reyhan Shah — Sahira's father. He manages to regain his composure and elects to perform a gastroscopy and warns Fletch that Reyhan will die if he loses more blood. When Fletch notices the tension between him and Reyhan, Hanssen explains Reyhan's relation to Sahira and fruitlessly tries to persuade Fletch not to alert her.

Cameron publicly announces that he and Nicky are expecting a baby.

On Darwin, Chloe confronts Cameron over his decision not to give Bobby the pain relief himself, but Cameron instead announces that he and Nicky are expecting a baby. Cameron explains that his head "has just been spinning" and claims that Bobby requested Chloe's intervention on account of his mind being elsewhere. Cameron comments on Louis' lack of "warm words"; Louis claims to have already congratulated Nicky and alerts Chloe to Bobby's CT scan results. Chloe diagnoses Bobby with a pulmonary embolism and prepares for theatre. Cameron leaves with her and promises an unimpressed Nicky that they will talk about the pregnancy later.

Sahira arrives on Keller to be with Reyhan, and Fletch offers to assist in theatre, but Hanssen says that he will not be taking Reyhan to theatre as endoscopic management of his peptic ulcer will allow for him to be discharged sooner. Hanssen tries to leave, but Reyhan calls for him and asks for Fredrik; Sahira explains that Reyhan was Fredrik's teacher and has not seen Hanssen since. Hanssen dismisses his calls and goes to inform Darwin of Sahira's absence.

Alex leads a blind Donna into the hospital basement and reveals, to Donna's delight, a fairy light-adorned tent housing a picnic and a bottle of champagne.

Ange finds Sacha trying to force a snack out of a vending machine and reminds him that Dominic is suing the trust, not him. Sacha disagrees with her belief that Dominic's lawsuit is not a personal attack against him, acknowledging the effect his grief for Essie had on his behaviour over the past year, but he insists that he is solely concerned about Dominic's welfare. Sacha wishes that he could talk to Dominic and make amends, and asks Ange what she thinks he needs.

Downstairs, Alex explains that he wanted to do something special for Donna on their first proper date and insists that it had to be today as he did not know when she would be free next. He tells her that she deserves the best.

Hanssen returns to Sahira, who is "out of her mind with worry", and she insists that Reyhan requires surgery immediately. Hanssen stands by his decision as a liver specialist and snaps at Sahira when she suggests that he is not giving Reyhan his best. When Hanssen is paged to Darwin to assist in theatre, Sahira demands Hanssen to stay, but Hanssen declares that Reyhan will have to wait.

Ange confides in Lucky about her concerns regarding Dominic; she believes that he is fixating on the lawsuit to avoid facing the reality of his condition. While she agrees to speak to Dominic, Lucky understands how he is feeling and urges Ange to understand that he needs to be "heard" and "seen", not judged.

In theatre, Chloe has Bobby put on bypass and opens his pulmonary artery. When Cameron tries to undermine her, Hanssen orders the two to stop arguing and proceed with the surgery. A bleed occurs, and Hanssen is forced to tell Cameron to hurry up and assist Chloe in managing it.

As Reyhan begins coughing up blood, Sahira grows tired of waiting for Hanssen to return and decides to operate on her father herself. Fletch objects, but Sahira orders him to get the on-call gastroenterologist and tells him that she will be operating with or without his help.

In the basement, Donna and Alex enjoy their first date, but it soon turns awkward when Alex unwittingly brings up Zav. He remarks that, for people with no history, they have a lot of history, but Donna argues that his relation to Zav does not have to be a problem as she believes that Zav would want her to be happy. Alex asks if he makes her happy; Donna says that he "really, really" does.

Fletch bursts in Max's office and informs her of the situation regarding Reyhan. Max instructs Fletch to get Hanssen out of theatre and resolve the situation.

Dominic lashes out.

On AAU, Dominic listens in on Josh and Jeong-Soo playing "rock, paper, scissors" to decide who visits him and joking about the lawsuit. Ange castigates the two for "mocking" Dominic, but Jeong-Soo insists that they were "satirising a ridiculous situation" and questions Ange's suggestion that Sacha made a mistake. Ange tells them to get on with their job, and Dominic confronts the F1s for talking about him behind his back.

As Chloe removes the embolus, Fletch informs Hanssen that Reyhan requires his attention. Hanssen insists on remaining on Darwin and treating Reyhan later as he sees fit, but Fletch warns him that Sahira is busy preparing for theatre and will operate on her father with or without him.

Jeong-Soo and Josh try to convince Dominic that he is not acting rationally, but Dominic asserts that he is not "the bad guy" and lashes out, throwing equipment all over the floor. Ange orders him to stop and tells the F1s to leave. Ange tells Dominic that she is trying to stick up for him and urges him to "let [her] in", but Dominic tells her to go, claiming that he is used to "cleaning up [his] own mess".

Hanssen arrives on Keller and tells Sahira to step aside. However, upon seeing Reyhan's face, he begins trembling and hyperventilating. He insists that he is fine and orders Sahira and another surgeon to leave.

Chloe informs Bobby that she has managed to remove the clots. When she leaves, Bobby tells Cameron that he is still planning to report him to the police. However, to Bobby's surprise, Cameron acquiesces and agrees to come clean; he tells Bobby that he is going to be a father and claims that he does not want to live a "life of guilt" and ruin his child's life before they have even met him.

Alone in his cubicle, Dominic sobs.

On Darwin, Nicky tells Cameron that she was offended by him announcing the pregnancy and declares that her child will not be "used as some sort of prop in 'The Cameron Show'". Cameron claims that he is ready to be a father, but Nicky has doubts and believes that he will eventually bail. Nevertheless, Cameron vows that he will be a "hero to this baby" and assures Nicky that "what comes next, it's all for them".

On Keller, Sahira asks over the intercom if the bleed has stopped. Hanssen does not answer, so Fletch assures her that it has stopped completely. Sahira is relieved and thanks Hanssen, but he is still troubled by the sight of Reyhan's face.

Cameron attempts to murder Bobby with a lethal injection.

On Darwin, Cameron visits Bobby and injects a drug into his cannula. Bobby wakes up and sees Cameron's face before gasping and arresting. Chloe rushes in and calls for help, but she spots Cameron walking away. Nevertheless, she pulls the alarm and demands that the crash team is called.

Josh visits Ange in her office to apologise for his and Jeong-Soo's remarks about Dominic and gives her a cup of tea as a "peace offering". Ange appreciates the thought but jokingly warns him to never make her another cup of tea ever again. Having heard about Dominic's outburst, Max suggests that Ange show Dominic some "tough love", but Ange contends that Dominic is entitled to answers. However, Max informs her that Dominic's legal team are looking for increased financial recompense to include psychological harm as well as physical and suggests that Dominic is only interested in the money.

As Donna and Alex return to Keller, Louis informs them that Bobby has died of complications from the pulmonary embolism. Shocked by the news, Alex finally decides to tell Donna that Bobby was the cyclist that ran into Zav. Donna is initially in denial, but she quickly asserts that she did not want to know. However, Alex believes that they cannot hide from Zav's "ghost" and decides to break up with her, claiming that he cannot make her happy. Donna does not want Alex to leave and is willing to continue working together as just friends, but Alex says that "friends don't feel the things [he feels] for [her]" and contends that it is for the best. Alex leaves, and Donna is devastated.

Ange confronts Dominic over his decision to pursue additional compensation and argues that only his friends will help him put his life back together, but Dominic believes that the money will help and ridicules the insinuation that he is harming the NHS by suing. Dominic accuses Ange of not understanding what Sacha's choices has cost him and not prioritising his feelings, prompting Ange to leave.

After Reyhan's surgery, Sahira thanks Hanssen and apologises for pushing him into theatre, but Hanssen assures her that it is all forgotten. When Sahira suggests that Hanssen found operating on Reyhan difficult, she explains to a curious Fletch that Hanssen and Reyhan were "close" when the former was at boarding school and that Hanssen was his "star pupil"; she claims that Reyhan still "adored" Hanssen even after Fredrik was forced to leave the school. Hanssen repeats that it was "such a long time ago".

Kian informs Chloe and Cameron that the morgue will be sending someone up to collect Bobby's body. Chloe is puzzled by Bobby's death; Kian suggests that it could have been a recurrence of a clot following anticoagulant failure. He offers to speak to Bobby's family, but Chloe insists on doing it herself. After Kian leaves, Chloe asks Cameron if he was with Bobby shortly before he died and claims to have seen him; Cameron claims that she must be mistaken. Nicky prepares to go home and asks Cameron if he is coming too. After saying yes, he asks Chloe if she has any other questions; she says no. Nicky suggests inviting Chloe out for food, but Cameron recommends that they spend time along with each other and assures her that she does not need to worry about anything anymore.

"You were always my special boy."

Fletch notifies Hanssen that Reyhan is awake and wants to speak to him. Reyhan tells Hanssen that he is glad it was him who saved his life. Hanssen warns Reyhan that the operation was only a temporary fix and that he has primary sclerosing cholangitis. Reyhan regrets not reaching out to him sooner after hearing about what happened with Fredrik, but Hanssen sternly tells him that he has no desire to discuss his son with him. Reyhan claims to understand but claims that it was an "honour" to teach Fredrik; Hanssen passes it off as "a misguided attempt [by Maja] to bring common ground" between the two of them and claims that he pulled Fredrik out to "protect him" from him. Reyhan reaches for Hanssen's hand and tells him that he was "always [his] special boy", but Hanssen walks away. In the corridor, Hanssen suffers a panic attack and retreats to his office.


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