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Series 32, Episode 1[1] is the 1049th episode of Casualty and the premiere of the 32nd series. It was preceded by "One" and followed by "Episode Two". The episode was directed by Steve Brett and written by Dana Fainaru. This episode is the first part of the two-parter partially taking place in France. This episode marks the final appearance of Grace Beauchamp-Strachan who joined less then 3 years ago.


Medics from Holby head for France to offer their expertise to migrants stranded at a refugee camp. There, Alicia takes a shine to British medic Cameron Hamilton, who has been on the scene for a while, helping the camp's women and children.

Meanwhile, Dylan finds himself becoming emotionally involved in the plight of two Sudanese orphans, who have fallen prey to ruthless people-traffickers, and back at the hospital, Connie is shocked to learn Sam has resigned and seems to have disappeared back to America - taking Grace with him.


  1. Episode name currently unknown.

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