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Episode 1049 of Holby City is the 41st episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by Daikin Marsh and written by Katie Douglas.


Henrik finds Reyhan deteriorating and reluctantly approaches his bedside. Reyhan begs Hanssen to help him, but Hanssen is frozen.

In a corridor on Keller, Donna takes a sample of Sahira's blood. Sahira explains that Reyhan nearly died earlier in the morning and was saved by Hanssen and claims that she will do anything to save her father.

In a meeting with Max, Chloe insists that something must have happened to Bobby Edwards to cause him to die and claims that Cameron was hanging around Bobby all day. Max asks Chloe to clarify what she is alleging and asks if she believes Cameron played a role in Bobby's death.

Sahira affirms that, as Reyhan has not been deemed ill enough to be considered a priority for a donor liver, living donation is "the next logical step", but Hanssen disagrees and will not allow Sahira to potentially compromise her own life. Sahira demands one good reason why not, but she is called away to theatre.

At Wyvern Wing reception, Chloe informs Cameron that she has spoken to Max. Cameron asserts that there is no need for her to resign over her "mistake" with Bobby, but she rebukes him and demands to know why Cameron was hanging around Bobby on the day of his death. Cameron claims that Bobby "latched onto" him because Chloe was not giving him her full attention and wishes Chloe luck with "trying to shift the blame". However, Chloe notices that Cameron is shaken when he spots Skylar entering the lift.

In theatre, Sacha informs Sahira that her patient, Jenny Dawes, suffered a uterine haemorrhage and subsequently developed an irregular heartbeat. As Jenny arrests, Sahira asks Sacha if she is post-partum; he says yes but remarks that there is no sign of a baby.

Outside the hospital, Nicky rehearses breaking the news about her baby to her mother, but she soon discovers an abandoned baby in a cardboard box.

After Sahira successfully completes an aortic valve replacement and returns Jenny to the ward, Sacha decides to call social services, obstetrics and the police to locate the baby. Sahira receives a call from Nicky about the baby; Sahira instructs her to warm the baby up and call paediatrics.

Sacha offers to take home Dominic, who has been discharged, but Ange appears on the ward to make the same offer herself. Despite Dominic's efforts to turn her away, she offers to meet him downstairs at the end of her shift, but he explains that he has a meeting with his solicitors.

On Darwin, Sahira finds Nicky taking care of the baby who she has named "Tracey". Sahira questions Nicky's decision to treat her on Darwin; Nicky asserts that they can treat Tracey better and admits to feeling attached to Tracey because of her "mother's intuition", leading Sahira to deduce that she is pregnant. Nicky informs Sahira that Rafi has called to tell her that her children will not be able to visit and asks her if she is alright. Sahira contends that she still has a job to do and urges Nicky not to be afraid to tell her if she ends up "dropping the ball".

In her office, Max tells Skylar that the hospital is dropping its investigation into Harvey Dean's death and offers her the opportunity to return as an F1. Skylar is surprised by Max's offer and asks who she believes is responsible for Harvey's death.

Skylar warns Chloe about Cameron's capacity to cause harm.

After Skylar leaves her meeting with Max, Josh and Jeong-Soo are happy to see her and gift her with a muffin from Pulses. Jeong-Soo asks why she is at the hospital; she promises to fill them in later and agrees to join them for a drink later. As Skylar leaves the building, Chloe asks Skylar why Cameron looked like "a frightened kid" when he saw her earlier, but Skylar requests that they talk about something easier like religion or politics. Chloe claims to not be a fan of Cameron either, but Skylar warns her that, whatever Chloe may think of him, he is capable of "so much worse, more than [she] could possibly imagine".

Max approaches Fletch about Chloe and Skylar's doubts regarding Cameron and asks for his advice. Fletch argues that, if their concerns are regarding recently deceased patients, there will be investigations into them. Kylie approaches the two about donating towards a leaving present for Lucky who is working her final shift, but she is unable to get them to donate. Max thanks Fletch for his help.

On AAU, Lucky tells Max that she is the only member of staff who has resisted her attempts at trying to get them to sit down and talk; Max jokes that she could be the only member of staff without any issues. Max is called to the cubicle of Allegra Rankin who has started to wake up from sedation. She explains to Allegra that the doctors in the ED needed to put her to sleep for a while, but Allegra begins gagging on her endotracheal tube. When Max removes the tube, Allegra suffers a panic attack.

Cameron follows Skylar to her car and nonchalantly asks why she is at the hospital; she claims that Max is starting to come around to her way of thinking regarding Harvey's death. Cameron attempts to gaslight her, but Skylar tells him to "cut the crap" and claims that she turned down Max's offer to return as "any hospital that employs the likes of [him] isn't worth [her] time". She tells Cameron that he cannot keep pushing people around forever as they will eventually fight back and warns him to "watch [his] step" as Chloe is also onto him.

Sahira is devastated to learn from Donna that she is not a match.

Lucky manages to calm Allegra down and tells Max that having a phobia of hospitals is not uncommon. Max states that Allegra's MRI shows a slipped cervical disc and that she will be taking her into theatre, but Lucky questions how that will be accomplished. She offers to help find a way to minimise Allegra's trauma, but Max insists that her assistance will not be necessary.

On Keller, Sahira tells Hanssen that Rafi is refusing to allow their children to visit Reyhan before he dies, and claims that she feels like everything is falling apart. She posits changing her father's stats to increase his chance of receiving a donor liver, but she acknowledges that she would be ending her career. Sacha walks in and informs Sahira that Jenny is coming round from her anaesthetic. Hanssen argues that she is in not fit state to treat Jenny, but Sahira wants to help Jenny fix her family.

Max warns Cameron that she has her eyes firmly fixed on him.

On Darwin, Nicky tries to tell Cameron about Baby Tracey, but Nicky is fixated on Chloe. Upon seeing Max, he attempts to preempt Chloe by stating his defence, but Max calls them both to the consultants' office. She informs the pair that Bobby's postmortem shows inconsistencies and asks Chloe why he had extremely low levels of heparin in his system. Chloe insists that she did administer heparin and accuses Cameron of foul play, but Max is not interested in "conjecture or petty squabbles" and informs Chloe that she is suspended until a full investigation is completed. As Cameron leaves the office triumphant, Max warns him that she has her eyes firmly fixed on him.

Hanssen tells Reyhan that Sahira has discussed altering his notes in order to procure him a donor liver and urges him to talk her out of it if he truly loves her. Reyhan believes that any attempt to dissuade her would be futile.

Sahira visits Jenny in her cubicle and introduces her to Tracey, but Jenny demands her to get the baby away from her. Sahira berates Jenny for giving up her baby, but Sacha interrupts and warns Sahira that Jenny has been clear about her wishes.

On AAU, Kylie vents her frustration at the few donations she has received towards a leaving gift for Lucky. Max asks Kylie if Allegra has been prepped for surgery, but Kylie claims that she is refusing to consent. Max informs Allegra that her slipped disc is pressing against her spinal cord and warns her that she risks becoming paralysed without immediate intervention, but Allegra apologises and asserts that she cannot undergo surgery.

Nicky finds Sahira returning to Darwin with Tracey and tells her that she is "dropping the ball" and needs to take a step back.

Ange volunteers to speak to Max about the suspension, but Chloe explains that Max cannot do anything about Cameron without proper evidence. Ange asks Chloe if she believes Cameron is a danger to patients; Chloe says yes and tells Ange about Skylar's warning. Ange suggests that Chloe get some rest and promises to be home later.

Max visits Lucky in her office and admits that she regrets not having her there for Allegra's ACD procedure. Lucky tells Max to ask her nicely if she wants her help. Max reluctantly asks politely, and Lucky agrees to assist.

Sahira finds Jenny sitting with Tracey on Darwin and apologises for her actions. Jenny explains that she left Tracey by the door so people would find her before she got too cold. Sahira suggests that she may change her mind and encourages Jenny to hold her baby. Jenny agrees and enjoys holding Tracey, but Tracey's condition begins to rapidly deteriorate.

On AAU, Ange asks for the medical examiner's reports on Bobby and Harvey.

Sahira asks Nicky for an echo, but Nicky claims to have already done one and insists that there are no abnormalities. However, Sahira notices aortic coarctation and promises to let a panicking Jenny know when they have news.

Ange has paged Cameron to AAU.

Ange reviews Bobby and Harvey's records and, upon noticing something unusual, immediately has Cameron paged.

Meanwhile, Allegra opens up to Lucky about hating her fear of hospitals, but Lucky assures her that everyone has similar issues, particularly people who claim that they lack them, and alludes to Max as an example. Lucky says that she can conquer her fear as along as she "[holds] the right person's hand". Allegra finally feels confident enough to agree to surgery.

In theatre, Nicky asks Sahira if they found Tracey in time. Sahira instructs Nicky to release the clamp on command, but, when the clamp is released, Tracey's blood pressure does not rise; Sahira tells Nicky to be patient. Out of theatre, Sahira assures Jenny that Tracey will be fine. Jenny is relieved and explains that it took her five months to realise that she was pregnant on account of her drug abuse and fears that she will not be able to be a good mother to Tracey. Sahira reveals that, while mother died when she was an infant, her father gave her everything. Jenny wants Tracey to have a similar upbringing, but Sahira tells her to never give up hope.

Downstairs, Dominic accepts a lift home from Sacha and derides Ange when Sacha asks about her whereabouts.

On AAU, as Ange finishes compiling a set of documents, Cameron arrives at the office under the impression that she wants to discuss their joint operation the next day. Ange tells him that his patients show a worrying trend of going into unexplained crises and then being rescued at the brink of death by him. Cameron denies her accusations of foul play and suggests that she is investigating him to "back up [her] crazy daughter". Ange tells him that she will ask Max to open an investigation.

Sahira tells Hanssen that she has warned the transplant co-ordinator that Reyhan's condition is deterioratin and voices her intention to change his test results. Hanssen warns her about the consequences it would have on her career and implores her not to do it, but she is unwavering.

Kylie expresses her appreciation to Lucky on behalf of AAU for her work and gifts her with a bar of chocolate, explaining that she was unable to accrue more donations. However, Josh reassures Kylie, and Jeong-Soo arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Lucky. Max informs Lucky that her operation on Allegra was a success and thanks her for calming her down. Max acknowledges that she has spent a long time being angry at her and a lot of other things, and Lucky, wanting to depart as her friend, calls for a truce. Unexpectedly, and to Lucky's delight, Max approaches Fletch and proposes that the hospital create a band 7 mental health nurse position.

On Keller, Hanssen asks a shocked transplant co-ordinator to contact the transplant centre so they can reassess Reyhan's need for a donor liver, as his results have inexplicably changed.

Cameron drags an unconscious Ange away.

Outside the incomplete ICU, Ange is confronted by Cameron who warns her that it is her "last chance" to reconsider going to Max. Ange is shocked by Cameron's arrogance and orders him to move out of her way, but he grabs her and injects her with an unknown substance. Ange manages to escape his grip by biting his arm and runs into the unit, but she quickly collapses. Upon seeing someone approaching, Cameron lifts her onto a nearby chair and claims that she drank too much at a leaving do. Once alone, Cameron drags Ange away.


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