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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Episode 1050 of Holby City is the 42nd episode of the show's 22nd series. It was directed by Daikin Marsh and written by Andy Bayliss.


Ange wakes up to find herself gagged and tied to a chair in a disused room. On AAU, Cameron washes a deep bite wound Ange inflicted on his arm while trying to escape. Louis walks into the restroom and notices the wound. Louis claims that it is "manic" on the ward and that shifts seem to "bleed into each other"; Cameron warns that it is a "nightmare day ahead". After Louis leaves, Cameron dismisses a call from Chloe on Ange's phone. Cameron returns to Ange with a syringe and tells her that he is sorry.

Henrik is informed by Sahira and Donna that a matching donor has been found for Reyhan. Hanssen answers a call from the transplant co-ordinator and accepts the donor liver. Sahira is delighted by the news and asks Hanssen who is going to break the news to Reyhan.

On Darwin, Nicky enters the locker room as Cameron views Ange's unanswered calls and messages, and is disappointed that he did not walk to work with her; Cameron apologises and claims to have a lot on his mind. Nicky asks if he is nervous about the cross-disciplinary operation on a diaphragmatic rupture that he is scheduled to perform with Ange, but Cameron says that he cannot get hold of her. When asked if he is OK, Cameron claims that he just needs to know how Ange wants to close up at the end of the procedure and that he does not want to postpone the operation. Nicky assures him that everyone, including Ange, just wants him to succeed as a surgeon.

Outside the hospital, Chloe checks Ange's car and finds a folder of documents left unattended. Growing increasingly frustrated, she defies her terms of her suspension and enters the building.

On AAU, Louis and Kylie speculate on the circumstances surrounding Ange's absence; Louis hopes that she will appear before the "junior egos" completely take over. Jeong-Soo is frustrated that his patient's CABG has been delayed, but Louis claims that Jeong-Soo had mislabelled the patient's bloods. Josh calls Louis over to look at the rash of a patient who was found by Jeong-Soo in the stairwell. Louis, who recognises the patient, identifies it as a maculopapular rash and claims that a dermatologist can treat it. The patient — Vicky Turner — is surprised to see Louis.

Donna approaches Hanssen about Reyhan's transplant benefit scores and states that they have changed drastically. Hanssen asserts that the changes could be due to multiple factors and asks Donna what she wants him to say; Donna claims that no tests have been performed on Reyhan to warrant any changes, so she accuses Sahira of manipulating Reyhan's results to make him a priority. Donna insists on reporting Sahira to management and argues that no one else would have an incentive to alter the results.

Chloe enters Ange's office and is concerned to find her handbag.

Josh finishes assessing Vicky and only finds minor bruising, while Vicky taunts Louis and asks if he feels "seen" working at the hospital. Louis dismisses Vicky's condition as alcohol-related and vouches for her discharge, but Josh does not want to take any chances in case Ange returns.

Cameron receives the results of a CT scan for the diaphragmatic rupture patient and is shocked to see that their spleen is in their chest; Nicky offers to have the operation cancelled. Suddenly, Chloe appears on Darwin and claims that Ange did not come home the night before and instead sent her a cryptic message about "going away". Nicky asserts that she is uncomfortable with speaking to her following her allegation regarding Cameron and reveals that Cameron is scheduled to be in theatre with Ange. Chloe asks Cameron when he last saw Ange; Cameron says that he has not seen her since the day before, and he accuses Ange of "[dropping him] in it". Chloe immediately grows suspicious of Cameron and leaves. Nicky shares Chloe's concern about Ange's disappearance, but Cameron suggests that Ange probably just has a hangover and instructs Nicky to tell AAU not to cancel the operation.

Cameron orders Ange to walk him through the operation.

Cameron returns to the room where he is holding Ange captive and removes her gag. He shows her the CT scan and demands to know how he will access the spleen. Ange asserts that Max would never allow the operation to go ahead without her, but Cameron insists that he is good enough to do it himself and claims that he just needs to know, in detail, what to say.

Chloe continues searching the hospital for clues to Ange's whereabouts and calls Louis. When she claims that Dominic is not returning her calls, Louis posits that he and Ange could be having a private heart-to-heart. However, Chloe finds a schedule for the day before and discovers that Ange was scheduled to attend an evening meeting with Cameron about the operation.

Vicky's test results show abnormal liver function, prompting Josh to praise Louis' instinctive diagnosis. Louis approaches Vicky and insists that they need to talk.

On Keller, Hanssen informs Reyhan of the potential risk of his body not accepting the new liver, but Reyhan contends that he only needs the chance. When Sahira visits, Reyhan asks to do a video call with his grandchildren, but she assures him that they will be waiting for him when he comes out of surgery. Sahira thanks Hanssen for changing Reyhan's scores, but he pleads ignorance. Sahira claims that Rafi is still refusing to allow Reyhan to see his children; Hanssen suggests that Rafi is punishing her for the affair and recommends that she stand up to him. However, they are interrupted when Max confronts them about Reyhan's scores. In the consultants' office, Max demands an explanation and warns Sahira that she could lose her career. Hanssen tries to intervene, but Sahira claims that she was responsible for changing Reyhan's scores.

Vicky still feels indignant towards Louis, but she quickly brightens up and praises the quality of his transition. She recalls drawing versions of "this" Louis with him and shows him a tattoo of a quote from him stating "can't ever be loved if you can never be seen". However, Louis insists on remaining professional and informs Vicky that her high potassium levels and smoking suggest that she has been buying spironolactone from foreign pharmacies. Louis asserts that she needs support and regular blood tests, but Vicky takes umbrage and publicly accuses him of touching her inappropriately.

Once Hanssen leaves the office, Max tells Sahira that she knows Hanssen was responsible for changing Reyhan's scores and asks why he would do it. Sahira explains that Reyhan "saved" Hanssen when he was being ruthlessly bullied at school and was seen by Hanssen as his "surrogate father" following his mother's suicide. Despite Sahira's explanation, Max still asserts that the transplant cannot go ahead, but Fletch informs them that the liver has arrived.

On AAU, Josh confronts Vicky and demands that she leave the hospital for her treatment of Louis. However, Louis tells Josh to let it go, and Vicky leaves.

Outside, Max warns Hanssen that Sahira will lose her licence over the score manipulation and tries to discuss his history with Reyhan, but she is paged to Keller to treat Reyhan who now has acute liver failure; Max tells Hanssen that he and Sahira are now "off the hook".

Josh reassures Louis that he has no issue with him being trans.

Louis insists that he can fight his own battles, but Josh contends that he can't "have it in [his] day". Louis explains that Vicky's symptoms have been caused by grey-market spironolactone. Josh is surprised by Louis' extensive knowledge of hormone blockers, prompting Louis to reveal that he is trans. Josh is surprised and asks to know what Louis did not say anything; when Louis asks if it would have made a difference, Josh assures him that he would not want him to think that he could not. Louis claims that it is exhausting and asks Josh not to mention it to anyone. Josh agrees, and the two bump elbows.

Hanssen sits anxiously in the locker room and ignores his pager. A frustrated Donna urges him to come to theatre; he claims that he is ready, but he still does not move.

Cameron approaches Max with "solutions" regarding the splenic operation and urges her to allow him to start while they wait for Ange to arrive. Max asks him why he wants to perform the operation so much, so Cameron admits that he wants to dispel the "slanderous, unjust and unprovoked" allegations surrounding his competency. However, Chloe confronts and accuses Cameron of lying about not seeing Ange.

Hanssen performs an endoscopy on Reyhan and finds a variceal bleed. Sahira assures her father that he will be fine as he is escorted to theatre. Hanssen assures Sahira that he believes Reyhan will be okay, but Sahira admits that there was no affair and explains that Rafi is not allowing their children to see Reyhan because of an accusation from a former pupil. Hanssen is troubled by the revelation and recommends that they prioritise treating Reyhan, but Sahira clarifies that a boy that Reyhan expelled accused Reyhan of touching him inappropriately. She believes that the boy was just seeking revenge, but Rafi argues that there may be other victims.

Chloe objects to Cameron leading the operation.

Max agrees that Ange's disappearance is out-of-character, but she is not inclined to start investigating. Chloe insists on knowing why Cameron lied, but Cameron claims that Ange did not appear at the meeting. Max urges Chloe to go home and wait for Ange to call her, but Chloe notices the bite on Cameron's arm and continues to probe. Cameron insists on going ahead with the splenic operation, but Chloe objects and argues that he is not qualified to lead on a ruptured diaphragm. Cameron explains that they need to control the splenic pedicle by accessing from below, but Chloe points out that there is no way Cameron would have known about the method without being walked through it by an experienced surgeon like Ange. Max threatens to call security, but Chloe is adamant that Cameron is in contact with Ange.

On Keller, Hanssen assesses the condition of the donor liver. Sahira remarks that it came from a young man who died in a car accident, and Hanssen explains that the patient's brain death meant that the surgeon had time to carefully extract the liver. Sahira apologises for putting too much on him; she tells Hanssen that Reyhan is a good man and expresses her content with the fact that he is the one operating.

After providing Ange with water, Cameron tells Ange to call Chloe and tell her that she will meet her at home. Ange asserts that Chloe will notice the distress in her voice, but Cameron threatens her with a syringe filled with pethidine. Ange begs Cameron to let her go and promises to not say a word about the kidnapping. When Ange questions what he is going to do without her, Cameron throws the bottle of water and loudly asserts that he does not know. Ange asks to know what will happen to her; Cameron picks up the syringe and says that he does not know yet.

In theatre, Max notices when Hanssen freezes at the sight of Reyhan's face, but Hanssen snaps out of it and continues with the transplant.

On Darwin, Chloe tells Louis that Cameron has Ange held somewhere in the hospital and quietly alleges that Cameron was involved in Bobby Edwards' death. Louis reluctantly brings up his concerns surrounding Solomon Cole's death. When the pair attempt to access Solomon's records, they discover that they have been recently deleted. As a security guard approaches to escort her out of the building, Chloe instructs Louis to check the records of Harvey Dean, Solomon Cole and Norman Robertson.

Hanssen continues with the transplant but grows increasingly frustrated. When Reyhan begins bleeding heavily, Hanssen drops his scalpel and begins to have a panic attack. However, he insists that he can repair the bleed.

Louis calls Chloe and informs her that all of the relevant files have been deleted by Ange. Chloe insists that Ange would never have deleted them and speculates that Cameron must have done it from her computer.

Ange notices her phone and tries to shift her chair towards it, but she falls over. After managing to free one of her legs, she shuffles towards the table the phone is on and tries to knock it onto the floor, but it falls into a can of paint. Ange sobs hopelessly.

On AAU, Jeong-Soo and Josh ask about Ange, but Louis claims to have no idea where she is. After learning that ICU is full, Louis asks Kylie if the new ICU unit that has been built is still empty; she says yes.

Hanssen leaves theatre and witnesses Max giving a distraught Sahira bad news about Reyhan.

Louis is left for dead.

On the phone, Louis tells Chloe that he bumped into Cameron in the AAU restroom washing a wound on his arm and claiming that he had a patient on ICU despite the unit being at maximum capacity for two days. However, Louis is suddenly stabbed and stumbles into the toilets. His assailant is revealed to be Vicky who steals his wallet and throws his rainbow NHS badge before fleeing.

Hanssen visits Reyhan, who is in a coma, and apologises to Sahira for failing him. Sahira urges him not to blame himself and is paged to Darwin. However, Hanssen tells an unconscious Reyhan that he is not sure if he tried.

Ange hits the door with her foot and yells for help, but Cameron returns.


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