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The sixth episode of series 32 is the 1054th episode of Casualty overall. The episode was directed by Paul Riordan and written by Oliver Frampton.


At a private hospital, Connie undergoes a CT scan and echocardiography. As she awaits the results, she focuses on helping Ethan improve his teaching abilities. However, at work, she struggles with her health and snaps at her colleagues. Later during the day, the results of the scans come back and it's not good news and, when she gives her scans to Ethan as a challenge, he suggests that they show the presence of a cardiac tumour.

Meanwhile, as Elle struggles to find a match online, she meets a single father named Marty whose daughter has been admitted to the ED. The two start to get along but Elle turns him down on professional grounds when he offers to take her out for a date. However, she changes her mind and offers to buy him a drink.

Looking to keep Sanosi occupied on his boat, Dylan asks Max for advice about computer games. Elsewhere in the department, Charlie recovers from a hectic night-out with Josh. Fortunately, Duffy intervenes before the two can give themselves another hangover. Meanwhile, Max struggles to cope with Alicia's woeful driving skills and gets her a professional instructor.


  • During production, this episode's title was "Addicted to Love". However, when the decision was made not to have episode titles for the series, this name was scrapped.
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