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Episode 1059 of Casualty is the 11th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Matthew Evans and written by Jeff Povey. The episode marks the first appearance of F1 Rashid Masum, portrayed by Neet Mohan. In addition, the episode features the final appearance of registrar Lily Chao portrayed by Crystal Yu, who joined the show in August 2013.


Lily prepares to pitch the research project as she is tasked with mentoring new junior doctor Rashid Masum. When they are dispatched to the scene of a nasty car crash, Rash doesn't make a great first impression when he accidentally injures Iain. When she treats his wound, he learns that the research post is in Hong Kong. As he sulks, Sam tells him that it's not too late to convince her to stay.

Iain manages to catch Lily before her presentation and confesses his love for her. After her presentation goes less than smoothy, she reckons that she will staying in Holby. However, when she is asked to lead the project, she has to choose between her career and love. Iain tries to win her over with a song but Lily tearfully decides to go to Hong Kong to lead the project, leaving him behind.

Elsewhere, David helps Rash settle into the department. When he loses his nerve and throws up, David advises him to ease his way in slowly. His reputation begins to improve when he helps an embarrassed patient open up about his injury and performs well in resus. Meanwhile, Dylan struggles after giving up Sanosi.

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