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Episode 1060 of Casualty is the 12th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Matthew Evans and written by Simon Norman.


Ethan is shaken after he finds a sinister note in his locker insinuating that someone knows he let Scott Ellisson die. He informs Connie who continues to struggle with the effects of her tumour. As his paranoia builds, he begins to cave and contemplates handing himself in. After realising that it was Max who wrote the note after he ate his pizza, Ethan shoves him.

Realising what his guilt is doing to him, he goes to confess to Kate Wilkinson, but Connie interrupts them to discuss her vigilante patient. After completing a difficult procedure independently, he agrees to not hand himself in if Connie promises to undergo treatment of her cancer.

Elsewhere, Alicia takes over mentoring Rash who is eager to impress. When she stops him from making a major clinical error, he loses his nerve and questions his own competency. However, after a few rather unorthodox lessons from David, Rash's confidence in his abilities is restored.

Meanwhile, Sam tries to help Iain deal with his break-up with Lily but ends up only making matters worse, and Robyn prepares for Charlotte's christening.

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