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The 15th episode of series 32 is the 1063rd episode of Casualty overall. The episode was directed by Roberto Bangura and written by Steve Bailie.


Connie's illness continues to take its toll on her health and, when she insists on being at the ED, Ethan is concerned about her increased risk of infection. Although she attempts to abstain from work, her hands are tied when a fire breaks out at a meth lab, and a patient is admitted with an explosive device embedded in their leg. After she makes a clinical error, Ethan implores her to take better care of herself.

Elsewhere, Max tries to get back in the game when new barista Polly Donovan starts working at the ED's coffee shop. However, she is not impressed when his attempts at flirting crash and burn. Meanwhile, Ethan takes his practical consultancy exams, and Alicia is delighted when she is given the specialist registrar post.

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