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Episode 1063 of Holby City is the 11th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Steve Brett and written by Phil Mulryne.


Evie and Andrei are admitted to Darwin with stab wounds. An irate Fletch blames Kian for the incident and insists that Evie be taken into theatre first, but Kian concludes that Andrei's treatment should be prioritised on account of his recent aortic arch replacement. In surgery, Kian performs a thoracotomy on Andrei and, with Chloe's help, manages to repair tears to Andrei's pericardium and left ventricle. However, when Evie is taken into theatre, Fletch blames Kian for Evie's injuries, as well as the deaths of Kian's wife Vanessa and Bea, and promises to drag Kian out of the room if he tries to operate. Visiting a resting Andrei, Kian tells him that he was not good enough to help him and vows that they will "find a way, somehow". Kian tries to call Lucky, who is having lunch at Albie's with Connor Coleman, but she ignores him.

Dominic and Sacha compete for the position of Clinical Lead on Keller. Sacha is not particularly enamoured with the prospect of handling many of the role's tedious administrative tasks again, but he is unsure whether a Copeland regime would be good for the ward. The pair attend their respective interviews; Dominic approaches the interview panel with proposals and determination, whereas Sacha offers experience but also a palpable lack of enthusiasm. The panel reaches a decision, and Dominic is given the post.

On AAU, Josh works to rebuild his relationship with Ange who has managed to keep her job. While Ange confronts Dominic on Keller for going to Henrik without speaking to her first, Josh treats a music producer named Troy Christie who is presenting with seemingly random symptoms. After ruling out a range of autoimmune disorders, Josh makes a breakthrough and diagnoses Troy with sarcoidosis. Ange is impressed by Josh's diagnosis, but she is shocked to learn that Josh is leaving the hospital so they can continue their relationship unimpeded. To Josh's disappointment, Ange insists that they are done.

Jeong approaches Dominic about a paper he has written on improving theatre productivity, but Dominic is uninterested and tells Jeong that he has to step up. Jeong treats a woman named Matilda Chibnall who appears to be downplaying the level of pain she is in following an operation. After being told to trust his own judgement, Jeong decides to order a glycated haemoglobin blood test and calls for a CT consult. The results show that Matilda has diabetes, and Jeong is forced to break into a drugs cupboard when Matilda begins to have a hypoglycaemic attack. Kian, having been called down to Keller, finds Jeong and allows him to return to treating Matilda, but he is left alone with the open cupboard. Dominic praises Jeong for his work, but Jeong realises that Dominic had used ideas from his paper and taken the credit.

In theatre, Chloe operates on Evie and discovers what is potentially a haematoma which requires immediate evacuation by a consultant. Fletch reluctantly agrees to get Kian, but Fletch finds Kian unconscious in the Keller locker room next to an empty syringe.



  • This episode introduces a new rendition of the Holby City opening theme and is the first instance of such a change in the show's history. It also features a retouched and shortened title sequence, as well as a new closing credits bed.
  • The original broadcast of the episode depicts Jeong-Soo Han explaining that Matilda Chibnall — a diabetic patient — is hyperglycaemic and in need of glucose. The BBC receives numerous complaints from viewers for the mistake, and the episode was temporarily removed from BBC iPlayer on 22 June while an edited version was produced.[1] The episode was reinstated on 2 July with audio edits correcting the error.[2]


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