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Episode 1064 of Holby City is the 12th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Steve Brett and written by Andy Bayliss.


Fletch raises the alarm about Kian's overdose, and Kian is taken to an operating theatre on Darwin. Max performs a ventriculostomy to relieve pressure on Kian's brain, but Kian arrests. Chloe attempts to resuscitate Kian, but Max insists that Kian will never recover. As Chloe is called away to treat Evie, Max and Henrik agree to continue trying to revive Kian, but their attempts are unsuccessful, and Kian is pronounced dead.

Lucky returns to the hospital from Albie's and is devastated by the news of Kian's death; Andrei blames Lucky for feeding Kian's addiction by microdosing him. When the topic of Andrei's living arrangements arises, Lucky advocates for Andrei to remain with her, but Connor Coleman ultimately accepts Jeni's offer of contacting acquaintences involved in legal representation and supported lodgings outside of Holby. Evie is heartbroken about the decision and angry at Fletch for dismissing her feelings for Andrei, but Jeni assures Evie that she will meet other men and urges her to let Andrei go for his sake. Fletch later gives a speech to Darwin's staff about Kian, acknowledging his struggle with addiction and urging the team to help one another when they need help, but Evie vows to never forgive Fletch for his role in forcing Andrei to move away.

Jeong is convinced that he is responsible for Kian overdosing because he left Kian alone with an open drugs cupboard. Dominic tries to dispell the allegation that he stole ideas from Jeong's research paper, but Jeong is disgusted by Dominic's calculated timing and vows to admit his role in Kian's death to Henrik. However, when he visits Henrik in his office, Jeong discovers that Dominic defended his actions, and Henrik assues Jeong that no one is to blame for Kian's death.

Despite his success in treating Troy Christie, Josh resigns himself to his impending transfer to St James', but Troy's pregnant girlfriend Zoe collapses. After failing to detect the baby's movement, Ange and Josh decide to perform a caesarean. Zoe's baby is delivered and in perfect health, but Ange discovers that Zoe has a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and a tear to her uterus. Working together, Ange and Josh repair the tear and the aorta, and Ange saves Zoe's leg after it turns white due to a clot. After delivering the good news to Troy, Josh reaffirms his intention to move to St James', but, in the wake of the day's events, Ange kisses Josh and tells him that she wants him to stay at Holby and be with her; Josh agrees.


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