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The 17th episode of series 32 is the 1065th episode of Casualty overall. The episode was directed by Julie Edwards and written by Rebecca Wojciechowski, and was the final episode to air in 2017. The events of the episode take place on 24 December.


With several members of staff reporting stick, Henrik summons Connie to work, hours before her flight to America. She treats a woman named Kim who is suffering from a stomach ulcer. When she catches her trying to steal a necklace she had bought for Grace, Connie sympathises with her and promises to take care of her. However, Connie begins to experience symptoms of her tumour and fails to follow up on Kim's case, prompting Kim to run away.

Believing that Kim has stolen the necklace, Connie goes to the abandoned apartment building where she squats. When she finds her, she discovers that she has a young child. As Connie takes the child out of the building, the stairs beneath them give way and they become trapped. After Kim alerts the neighbours by throwing a bottle out of the window, Iain and Sam arrive and rescue them, and they are taken into resus.

As Connie tries to take control of resus, her words begin to slur, and she collapses. As the team struggles to treat her, Ethan is forced to disclose her cancer. When she regains consciousness, she is told that she has an infection, and she is devastated to learn that she will not be able to spend Christmas with her daughter. After she calls Grace to tell her she won't be able to join her, Ethan arrives to keep her company.

Elsewhere, Max and Alicia decide to move back into the share house, but Robyn is still troubled by memories of the fire. Charlie suggests spending Christmas with him, Duffy and her son Paul, Robyn insists on finding a place for her and Charlotte. She asks Glen if he wants to visit on Christmas Day. Later, when she goes to pick Charlotte up from his flat, she is amazed at his decorations. Glen offers to stay with Max and give her the flat, but she asks him to live her and Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Sally Hodge returns to the ED and demands to see Charlie. When she is admitted after complaining of a headache, Dylan finds nothing wrong with her, prompting her to point out more symptoms. She befriends another elderly patient named Barry and, when the pair are found drinking merrily, he offends her by divulging her loneliness. Later, she finds Charlie and gives him her oncology results - she is cancer-free. After she tells him that she has nobody else to share her news with, Charlie urges to grab her first chance at happiness with both hands and gives her a kiss. Uplifted, she decides to spend Christmas with Barry.

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