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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Episode 1065 of Holby City is the 13th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Dean Byfield and written by Katie Douglas.


Lucky buries herself in her work following Kian's death and assists Chloe in dealing with a patient named Beth and her anxious fiancé Leo. A CT scan reveals that Beth has a mass on her left lung, but Beth does not want Leo to find out and abruptly breaks up with him. Still struggling with her failure to prevent Kian's overdose, Lucky breaches patient confidentiality and tells Leo about Beth's condition. After Beth experiences a seizure, it is discovered that her lung cancer has spread to her brain, and Beth is given around 12 months to live. Despite Beth and Leo reconciling and deciding to spend the former's final months together, Chloe reproaches Lucky's lack of respect for Beth's wishes. After Jeni reports Lucky after learning from Evie Fletcher that Lucky had been microdosing Kian prior to his death, Lucky admits to Max that she loved Kian and did not push him into attending rehab so she could be the one who saved him. Nevertheless, Max is left with no choice but to fire Lucky. Before leaving, Lucky recommends that Max keep an eye on Jeni.

Evie returns to work at Pulses for the first time since the stabbing, but she quickly falls out with Fletch after he reprimands her for her truancy. Speaking to Jeni, Evie blames Fletch for ruining her relationship with Andrei, but the focus of the conversation quickly turns when Evie claims to have been sexually assaulted by a porter named Luke while out drinking. After Jeni confronts Luke and "[scares] the life out of him", she encourages Evie to contact her if she is touched again. Fletch thanks Jeni for looking out for Evie and trying to mend their relationship, but Jeni tells Evie that Fletch will never understand the latter's heartbreak and tries to make Evie dependent on her.

Dominic's shift starts off poorly when Sacha and Donna leave for Lofty's wedding, and when Dannie Waites — a patient who Dominic has recently performed an abdominal laparotomy on — returns to Keller with a surgical glove in his bowel and accuses Dominic of leaving it inside him. Locum registrar Rory Lycett manages to calm Dannie down, but Rory's demeanour quickly gets under Dominic's skin. After finding Dannie choking on surgical swabs, the tension between the pair begin to deflate, but, after Dominic offers Rory a permanent position on Keller and asks him out on a date, Rory explains that he is a special adviser for the CQC and warns Dominic that he does not need sexual harassment on his record.

At the flat, Kylie creates a cleaning rota and praises Louis for being clean while panning Josh and Jeong for their lack of effort. At work, Josh warns Kylie that Louis could end up finding some of her comments offensive, but Kylie insists that she was being nice to Louis and ends up mocking Josh's relationship with Ange. Kylie later apologises to Josh for her comments and wants to know why he objects to her remarks about Louis, but Josh insists that it is not for him to tell and suggests that she speak to him. When Kylie approaches Louis with an apology, Louis assures her that he was not offended and explains that he is trans; Louis is beyond relieved when Kylie vows to "kill" Josh for making a fuss over something so unimportant. To get back at Josh, Kylie attaches letters spelling "clean me" to the back of Josh's jacket.

In the wake of Kian's death, Henrik decides to voice his concerns about the hospital. Word soon gets out about an anonymous whistleblower making a complaint to the CQC, and Dominic manages to deduce that Henrik is the whistleblower. As it is announced that the CQC will be performing an inspection across all the wards the following week, Henrik is troubled by his complex trauma.


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