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Episode 1066 of Casualty is the 18th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Julie Edwards and written by Dana Fainaru, and is the first episode to air in 2018.


Connie is devastated to hear that her leiomyosarcoma has grown. Given her condition, the surgeons at Holby refuse to operate on her. Unwilling to spend days in limbo, she forces Ethan to drive her to St. Eugene's Hospital in London to get an old friend from medical school to operate. However, when even she turns her down, she begins to lose hope. She and Ethan argue, prompting Ethan to disclose that he has Huntington's. Connie empathises, and she decides to stay in London overnight.

By the Thames, Connie kisses Ethan, but her act of affection is not reciprocated. Upset, she leaves him and returns to the hotel. Later, Connie is found unconscious in the bath and is rushed back to St. Eugene's. When it turns out that she is experiencing heart failure, Arianne is forced to operate. Ethan calls Charlie, and they both rush to the hospital after hearing that Connie is in theatre. In the morning, Connie cries with joy when she learns that Arianne removed the tumour completely. She later lets Charlie visit her but not Ethan.

Meanwhile, Dylan wakes up hungover and nearly runs over a woman on his way to work. Although his breathalyser test comes up clear, he is blackmailed by the woman who claims to have smelled alcohol on him. Later, after diagnosing her with Gerstmann syndrome and securing a place in care that would allow her to keep her dog, she tells him that she wouldn't have told the police, but she encourages him to seek help. The following morning, he calls Zoe, telling her that he feels that everything is falling apart.

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