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Episode 1066 of Holby City is the 14th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Dean Byfield and written by Jenny Davis.


As the hospital tries to tackle a devastating leakage above the Wyvern Wing ceiling, a team of CQC inspectors — led by Regina Marriot — arrive to investigate Holby City in response to Henrik's complaints. While several inspectors are dispatched around the hospital to observe its wards, Regina leads a series of interviews with several members of staff. Sacha's actions following Dominic's car crash are scrutinised, while Chloe voices her concerns surrounding the hospital management's handling of the Cameron Dunn situation. Max grows increasingly suspicious of Henrik's intentions and warns him of the potential consequences of the hospital being put into special measures, but Henrik insists that the hospital has problems on every level and that he cannot handle them on his own.

On Keller, a patient named Rich Peterson has been admitted with a bite wound which he claims was from a dog. Jeong is immediately sceptical and suggests reporting Rich to the police, but Dominic insists on focusing on the medical aspect of the case. After receiving a call from a girl named Michelle who claims that Rich choked her, Jeni warns Rich that the doctors are discussing involving the police, but Rich threatens to expose Jeni's sex ring if he is arrested. To cover for Rich, Jeni claims that he is a benefactor for the hospital and convinces the police that there has been a misunderstanding. As compensation for his injury, Rich requests a new girl and specifically asks for Evie. Jeni refuses to give Evie to Rich and claims that she has been trying to groom Evie to gain access to other local girls, but Rich offers to pay double the price; Jeni demands triple and tells Fletch that Rich runs the law firm dealing with Andrei Tarpov's case. Fletch tells Evie and allows her to see Rich on her own.

Josh's mother Elaine is taken to AAU after collapsing in her living room due to her multiple sclerosis. Elaine is delighted when she mistakes Kylie for Ange, but, when Josh introduces her to the genuine article, Elaine is disappointed and contends that Ange is too old for him. Ange tries to break up with Josh, claiming that she does not want to stand in the way of him enjoying his time as a young adult and potentially having children, but Josh immediately recognises Elaine's influence. After Elaine comes out of surgery, Josh tells her that he loves Ange and argues that, if he is indeed making a mistake, it is his to make; Elaine finally decides to trust Josh's judgement. In Ange's office, Josh tells her that he does not care about her menopause and only cares about their relationship, but Rory Lycett, who has been inspecting AAU on behalf of the CQC, has picked up on Ange's symptoms throughout the day and praises her ability to run a ward while pregnant. Shocked, Ange takes a pregnancy test which confirms Rory's assumption.

Meanwhile on AAU, in earshot of Rory, Kylie admits to Louis that she has been supplementing her income by monetising pictures of her feet online. To help Kylie out, Louis asks for Donna's help in securing her extra shifts, but Kylie castigates Louis for going to Donna and trying to dictate what she can and cannot do.


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