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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1067 of Casualty is the 19th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Judith Dine and written by Kelly Jones and Matthew Barry. The episode marks the final appearance of Max Walker, played by Jamie Davis, after over four years on the show.

The episode also sees the guest appearance of Zoe Hanna, portrayed by Sunetra Sarker, who last appeared as a series regular in May 2016.


On his way to work, Max bumps into James, an old friend from medical school, who asks him about his marriage with Zoe; unbeknownst to Max, Zoe has touched down in Holby and is on her way to the ED. After catching up with her old colleagues, she goes to speak to Max, who asks her if she has received their divorce papers. They are interrupted when a masked man attacks James' girlfriend Aisha with acid.

After an outburst in resus, Zoe tells Max that she came back because she misses him; Max has none of it and tells her to sign the divorce papers. Soon, marks are found on Aisha's arm, suggesting that James has been physically abusing her. When their fears are confirmed, Max confronts him. When he enters resus, he takes Zoe hostage. Max begs him to let her, but he splashes her with a bottle of liquid. Fortunately, it is just water. In cubicles, Zoe signs the papers and kisses Max goodbye. However, after boarding her flight, she is delighted when Max appears and accompanies her to Madrid.

Meanwhile, Elle is furious after Blake is taken into the ED with a compass stuck in the hand. Jacob becomes suspicious when Blake's friend Miles visits him, and he confiscates his phone. He soon finds a video of Miles encouraging Blake to play the 'knife game'. Later, Miles demands Jacob to return his phone, but Jacob pins him against the wall and tells him not to mess with Blake again. Blake witnesses the confrontation and tells Jacob to stop treating him like a child. Jacob soon finds Blake outside the hospital and tells him that he's his real father.