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Episode 1067 of Holby City is the 15th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Christopher McGill and written by Patrick Homes.


It is the first day of special measures at Holby City Hospital, and Henrik is nowhere to be found. Sahira's son Abs turns up on Darwin after allegedly falling down some steps. Suspicious of the intent behind Abs' visit, Max revisits Reyhan's post-mortem and questions how Sahira would be capable of applying the level of force necessary to cause his petechial haemorrhaging. When Max finds Abs breaking down on Reyhan's deathbed, she begins to suspect that Abs is responsible for Reyhan's death, and his suspicions are confirmed when Abs confesses to her. In a disused room, Max finds a troubled Henrik attempting to mend Arthur Digby's model ship of the line and tells him about Abs' situation. Henrik insists that his leadership cannot fix the "malaise which infects [the] hospital", so Max urges him to channel his energy into saving Abs instead and gives him 24 hours before she calls social services.

Jeni approaches Dominic with the opportunity to make a keynote speech at a hospital fundraising event, but Carole appears on Keller with a burn on her arm she sustained a week prior from her oven. Sacha is surprised that Carole and Dominic have not spoken since before the latter was fitted with a stoma, and he notices that Carole's bag is filled with post-it notes reminding her to perform essential tasks. Carole tells Sacha that she has been having issues with her memory over the past six months following a small, localised stroke which have worsened. Sacha decides to send Carole to neurology for a scan. In theatre, Sacha questions Dominic's distance from Carole, prompting Dominic to explain that Carole failed to turn up when he invited her out to discuss his stoma, and she "pretended like it hadn't even happened".

Meanwhile, Dominic treats a young man named Ashley Parry with abdomenal bruising sustained at a pride march. Ashley claims to have fallen off his bike, but Dominic is confident that he has been attacked, especially when scans and surgery reveal levels of scarring typically seen in veteran boxers. Out of surgery, Dominic tells Ashley that he knows his fiancé Howie has been physically abusing him and urges him to call his mother, citing his lived experience, and regret at not calling Carole and asking her for help.

Carole approaches Dominic after learning about his stoma and wants to know what he did not tell her; Dominic explains that it was because, for the first time in his life, there was nothing she could have done to improve the situation, and he did not want to interfere with her life. The two reconcile, but Sacha privately informs Carole that her scan shows that she has rapidly-advancing vascular dementia. Sacha offers to accompany Carole when she tells Dominic, but he is instead sworn to secrecy.

Ange has not told Josh about the pregnancy, as she believes that he does not want children. However, when a shocked Chloe offers to accompany her to the seemingly inevitable termination, Ange is unsure whether or not she wants one. Already aware of Ange's pregnancy, Kylie fails to keep schtum and accidentally leaks the news to Josh. Josh is disappointed at Ange feeling as though she could not tell him about the pregnancy, but Ange explains that she did not want to burden him with the news given his age and his mother's condition, and that she is confused about her own feelings about the situation. Josh promises to support Ange regardless of her final decision, but Delroy Jones — a well-loved patient with terminal cancer — urges Josh to tell Ange how she makes him feel.


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