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Episode 1068 of Casualty is the 20th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Judith Dine and written by Matthew Barry and Jerome Bucchan-Nelson.


Elle panics when she notices that Blake has not returned home and isn't in school. Blake later arrives at the ED with Miles, who Blake claims has been attacked in a mugging. However, Jacob and Elle notice inconsistencies in his version of events as he talks to the police, and they encourage him to come clean.

Later, Jacob tells Elle that Miles has been bullying Blake and shows her the video of him pressuring Blake into playing the 'knife game'. Angry that he didn't tell her sooner, they starting arguing, and Jacob tells her that she robbed him of his chance of being a good father to Blake. Soon after, Miles' condition worsens, and Blake admits to his parents that he punched him after insulting him and them. Elle then instructs Blake to tell the police that she told him to lie. However, the police speak to Miles and subsequently arrest Blake on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

It's the day of Ethan's consultancy interview, and he begins to fear the worst when he learns that Connie is conducting it. Afterwards, he feels as though he has blown his chance at getting the promotion after bringing up her cancer during the interview. However, he is over the moon when he learns the decision has unanimously decided to give him the job.

Meanwhile, Dylan's alcoholism begins to affect his work as he prematurely discharges a difficult patient. However, they soon collapse in the hospital carpark and nearly dies after it is discovered that they are suffering from sepsis. Ethan reprimands him for his lapse in judgement, prompting Dylan to resign as acting Clinical Lead.

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