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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1068 of Holby City is the 16th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Christopher McGill and written by Becky Prestwich.


The CQC has lost confidence in Henrik as a leader, so they have decided to instate a new director of improvement to oversee the hospital while it is in special measures. Max urges Henrik to stop avoiding Abs and speak to him about Reyhan's death. After being found trying to carve an explanation out of Sahira's false confession, Henrik is eventually persuaded to speak to Abs and spots him leaving Darwin. Abs tries to look forward to a new future without his grandfather, but Henrik asserts that keeping more secrets will be detrimental and promises to support Abs when he goes to the police with the truth; Abs agrees to speak to the police. Later, it transpires that the new director of improvement will be a familiar face; Henrik states that "time will tell" if that is a good thing.

After spending the previous night drinking to get his head around the news of Ange's pregnancy and her consideration of a termination, Josh is informed by Ange that she wants to keep the baby, and he is given the choice of either helping her raise the baby or leaving Ange to be a single mother while he continues to enjoy his youth. Josh believes that he is up for being a father, and he tells Ange that he wants to take care of her and the baby. At the fundraising event in the evening, Ange tells Josh that she can see the carer in him and does not seem him as a "shallow kid", and Josh claims that he cannot see a future without her and has enough love for her and their baby. Josh accompanies Ange to radiology for an ultrasound; to their shock, it shows that they are having twins.

Dominic is hesitant to take Carole to the fundraising event, and Sacha is concerned for Carole's health wnhen she turns up on Keller dressed up, but Sacha is relieved to learn that Dominic has changed his mind and invited Carole. At the event, Dominic notices that something is wrong with Carole, but, when Carole tells him that she has vascular dementia, he struggles to accept the revelation and feels angry about not being told sooner. Dominic is further stupefied when Ange misreads his distress and accidentally reveals to him that she and Josh are having a baby. Nevertheless, when Dominic is summoned to make his speech, he abandons his original lines and instead uses the opportunity to honour Carole. Outside, Carole thanks Dominic for his kind words, but she subsequently collapses. Dominic takes Carole to the operating theatre on Keller and tells the team about her dementia, but he is furious to discover that they are already aware. After the surgery, Sacha informs Dominic that he had to remove some infected tissue from Carole's arm, meaning that she may have motor function issues going forward, and he explains that it was Carole's decision to keep him in the dark. Dominic insists that Sacha tell him everything about Carole's condition from now on, but Sacha is forced to respect patient confidentiality. Once Carole wakes up, she tells Dominic that they can prepare for her death and face it together, but Dominic vows to get her better.

After learning that Evie is waitressing at the fundraising event, Rich transfers the funds to Jeni with the intention of sleeping with Evie that night. Evie is apprehensive about attending the event, so Fletch agrees to go if she does. At the event, Jeni tells Evie that Rich is holding a party at his residence; Evie is reluctant to go, but she later acquiesces.


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