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Episode 1070 of Holby City is the 18th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by David Innes Edwards and written by Johnny McKnight.


It is the day of Mohammed Jaziri's experimental operation, and Jac is keen to commence the next stage of the stent trial — developing an intracranial version of the device to treat conditions such as vascular dementia. Jac pitches the idea to Max who later agrees to collaborate, but Dominic takes issue with Jac offering Carole the intracranial stent when the cardiac version has not been proven to work yet. Complications arise during Mohammed's surgery which force Eli to convert to an open procedure; Jac is frustrated by Eli's decision and demands that he find a new candidate urgently. Fortunately for Jac, Carole insists on having the intracranial stent, despite Dominic's reservations. Eli confronts Jac for reneging on their agreement to only begin work on the intracranial procedure once the cardio stent was proven to be a success; Jac argues that not everyone is as lucky as his wife who recovered from her brain tumour and states that Max's trial will begin in the morning.

Delroy's liver and kidneys have failed, and he has a superimposed chest infection, meaning that he has only hours left to live. Kylie is optimistic that Delroy's son will arrive in time to visit him, but Delroy's condition begins to deterioriate for the final time. Delroy is scared and asks Kylie not to leave him, so Kylie comforts him during his final moments and offers him reassurance when he mistakes her for his wife Lorraine. After Delroy's bed is cleared, Louis offers to take Kylie out to dinner, but she declines. Kylie soon finds an envelope from Delroy — who had noticed Kylie and Louis' feelings for one another and encouraged each of them to make the first move — containing his lucky penny which spurs her into action. She pursues Louis to confess her feelings for him, but she is heartbroken when she sees him holding a bouquet and getting into the car of another woman.

Mia arrives at the hospital to begin a work experience placement in human resources, but she is forced to wait until the next day due to Donna forgetting to submit a parental consent form. Jeni offers to keep Mia occupied in her office and gets her to help out with planning future fundraising events. Jeni approaches Evie about her parties with Rich; Evie has been enjoying them but wants a friend to accompany her to an upcoming event at an art gallery. Jeni suggests taking Mia with her and promises not to tell either Donna or Fletch about their whereabouts. Donna later allows Mia to go out with Evie to the cinema and then for dinner.

Fletch ends up in Jac's bad books when he leaves Madge to complete a report on his behalf and neglects his duties to perform menial jobs far below his pay grade. Jac schedules a private meeting with him where she informs him that his position as director of nursing is untenable; Fletch chuckles at the news of his demotion and wishes his successor luck. Madge is promptly appointed as the new director.

Lucky believes that her position at the hospital is untenable and wishes to resign immediately, but Henrik needs her help with combatting the changes Jac is making to the hospital and encourages her to stay just one more day. Lucky soon begins to realise that she misses being with the patients and staff, and she later tells Henrik that, after witnessing Jac's behaviour, she believes she is needed more than ever. Henrik concurs with Lucky's concerns about Jac and posits that something has changed about her that has left her impervious to reason. However, Lucky is unsettled when she realises that she is also forming an alliance with Jeni.


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