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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1071 of Casualty is the 23rd episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Tracey Larcombe and written by Dominique Moloney.


It is the day of Blake's trial, and while he pleads guilty to the charge of grievous bodily harm, his victim Miles experiences a seizure and is taken into the ED. When Elle hears the news, she rushes to the ED, leaving Blake and Jacob in court. A CT scan suggests that Miles' seizure was linked to the assault, but Elle believes that his symptoms have been exacerbated by his use of cannabis and requests a urine test.

The following day, after Miles undergoes invasive brain surgery, Elle is relieved when his urine test results confirm the presence of THC. She returns to court to hear the verdict, and Blake is grateful when he only receives a referral order. Elle plans to celebrate, but Blake asks her if he can stay with Jacob for a while.

Back at work, Bea wakes up in the bed of a woman named Susie after a one-night stand and tries to secretly make her way to work, but she soon learns that Susie also works at the hospital as a nurse. Meanwhile, she treats a dying woman with dementia who has come into the department with her son, though she is later informed that the person pretending to be her son is actually a burglar. Later, Susie is devastated when Bea stands her up. The next morning, Rash confronts Bea and accidentally exposes the fact that he is a virgin.

Meanwhile, following the chaos of the previous week, Ethan checks up on Kam, who is still on life support.