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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Episode 1071 of Holby City is the 19th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Katherine Churcher and written by Ciara Conway.


Henrik discovers that Jac has closed down AAU and lobbies against her proposals, but Jac wants to use the money directed from the unit to help modernise the hospital and intends to go down fighting. In retaliation, Henrik decides to prove that AAU is indispensible and moves the ED's overspill to Darwin. Jac is undeterred and tries to shift as many patients as possible, but Carole is admitted with a possible splenic rupture. With no theatre slots available and Carole's viability as a neurovascular stent trial participant threatened, Jac reluctantly allows Carole to be operated on on AAU. Ange manages to perform a splenectomy and save Carole's life, but Jac claims that the incident will have no impact on the ultimate fate of AAU. Henrik is convinced that Jac's decision was made solely for the sake of the trial and demands to know why she is so determined. Jac eventually gives in and hands Henrik an MRI scan showing a brain tumour, but Henrik refuses to help.

Eli is pressed by Jac to find a suitable candidate for the cardiovascular stent trial in time for a board meeting later in the day. A young woman named Omolola is transferred to Darwin from the ED with a dilated descending aorta. Before Omolola can be recommended as a candidate, Chloe is tasked with finding out the cause of her anaemia. However, after ruling out many possible causes and even malaria, Chloe deduces that Omolola has a hereditary G6PD deficiency which makes her ineligible for the trial. Eli breaks the news to Jac but still offers to use Omolola in the trial, but Jac refuses to put Omolola's life at risk. Later, Omolola's aneurysm begins to leak, but Eli is preoccupied, forcing Jac to operate and miss the board meeting. With time running out to find a candidate, Eli restores to looking for potential patients in prisons. Chloe volunteers to cover Eli while he celebrates his wedding anniversary, but she is soon horrified to discover that Cameron is one of the possible candidates.

After Henrik realises that the tumour on the scan belongs to Jac, Jac explains that she wanted to stop performing in theatre on her own terms, and she explains that she has kept her condition private so her proposals for the hospital could be judged solely on merit. Jac claims that Eli's research is her only chance of survival, but she returned to the hospital because it is her "home", and she is willing to die trying to save it. Much to Jac's appreciation, Henrik has asked the board to wait for her to guarantee her a fair hearing. Later, on AAU, Jac praises the team's work and Ange's leadership, and announces that AAU will not be closing. Henrik proclaims that he will work with Jac to restore the hospital's reputation, and he promises Jac that they will find money for the trial.

Evie approaches Jeni about the prospect of being able to spend more time alone with Rich and voices her dissatisfaction with Rich's parties and his "creepy" friends, but Jeni claims that Rich treats the parties as a release from his intense job and assures Evie that he adores her. At Pulses, Evie tries to remedy Mia's hangover, but Evie is unnerved to learn that Mia's drink may have been spiked by a man named Gerry. In order to force Evie to continue attending the parties, Jeni has Gerry send Evie compromising images of herself. Jeni gets Gerry to delete the images but only on the condition that Evie takes Mia to a party later that night. Evie points out that Mia is only 15, and objects to leaving her alone, but Jeni urges Evie to acquiesce for one night to avoid the consequences of the images spreading. Evie reluctantly convinces Mia to attend the party in exchange for a designer handbag, and Donna trusts Evie enough to allow Mia to go with her.

Kylie's birthday is disrupted when she is reacquianted with Mel Dawson who is attending a job interview at the hospital for the sake of her relationship with a colleague of Kylie. Still harbouring feelings for Louis, Kylie asks him out for a drink and a chat, but Kylie is saddened when she discovers that Louis and Mel are a couple. Noticing Kylie looking forlorn, Madge invites Kylie to her house for a birthday dinner.


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