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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Episode 1072 of Holby City is the 20th episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Katherine Churcher and written by Katerina Watson.


Rich escorts a hungover Evie to the hospital and tells her to prepare for the party in the evening, but Evie wants to spend more quality time with him away from the parties. Presenting her with a necklace that Rich claims represents "eternal love", Rich tells Evie that he loves her but suggests that she would make him happy if she loves him. Evie tries to inform Jeni of an incident the night before involving her being spiked and raped by Rich and a friend of his, but Jeni manipulates Evie into continuing to attend the parties by questioning her maturity. Rich visits Evie at the hospital and tries to convince her that what she feels for him is true love. However, Fletch catches Rich holding Evie's hand and punches him, causing Rich to hit his head while falling and start fitting.

Surgery soon reveals that Rich has a bleed on the brain; if he does not survive, Fletch faces a manslaughter charge. After Fletch castigates Evie for her relationship with Rich, Evie admits to Jeni that she nearly told her father about the incident at the party and — despite Jeni's warnings — decides to tell Fletch the truth. In an attempt to control the situation, Jeni urges Rich to tell the police that his injuries were sustained by a fall, but Rich refuses. Faced with no other choice, when Rich begins to deteriorate, Jeni silences his alarms. An uncompromising Jeni approaches Evie with the offer of destroying the CCTV footage showing Fletch's punch in exchange for Evie attending every one of her parties with Mia. Fletch takes issue with Evie telling the police that Rich slipped and the destruction of the footage, but Jeni asserts that he will implicate all of them if he confesses. Fletch reluctantly agrees but insists on there being no more lies. On their way out of the hospital, Fletch gives Jeni keys to his house and tells her that he wants her to be part of the family. Evie finally receives a call from Mia, who Donna complained of being unusually distant, and tells her not to be late to the party.

It is the day of Carole's surgery, but Jac and Henrik soon receive the news that a patient participating in a Arizona neurovascular stent trial has died in theatre from an aneurysm. Jac still argues that the stent is the best procedure for Carole, but Dominic refuses to allow Carole to sign the consent forms without more information and believes that Jac is solely concerned about the trial. Jac is devastated by the ostensible collapse of the trial, and she soon finds Carole sobbing in a toilet cubicle and demanding to be treated as someone who still has agency. Jac signs Carole's discharge papers and apologises on behalf of her and Dominic for not being more considerate of her own wishes. Carole is overjoyed when Jac reveals that she has asked the hospital radio to play Viennese waltz tracks for the next hour, and she later decides to sign the consent forms for the stent surgery.

Kylie and Louis treat River Henderson — a young man with Crohn's disease who vies to attend his school prom and ask a girl named Emily out. Due to a backlog, Kylie warns River that he may not be able to attend the prom, but she endeavours to find a way to fast-track him. When River's test results appear normal, Mel volunteers to complete River's paperwork while Kylie gives him the good news, but his flexible sigmoidoscopy reveals that he has severe colitis and needs to be kept in overnight. After soughting permission from Max, Kylie decorates the AAU staff room and arranges a date between River and Emily. Mel is amazed by Kylie's effort, but she later takes credit for it. Kylie speaks up and ridicules Mel when she tries to garner sympathy by crying, but Louis ultimately sides with Mel.

Eli finds Chloe mulling over Cameron's case and believes that she has found the ideal candidate for the cardiovascular stent trial, but she claims that she has not. Eli later reviews Cameron's file and is elated, but Chloe explains her history with Cameron and insists that he cannot come back to the hospital. Eli understands and rules Cameron out of the trial, but Henrik intervenes. A disgusted Chloe promptly announces that she is resigning.

Meanwhile, despite Jac's insistence that Jeni's record is "pristine", Lucky continues to investigate her activities.


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