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Episode 1073 of Casualty is the 25th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Jordan Hogg and written by Jon Sen.


Ethan becomes frustrated when the hospital's management team asks Connie, who is still undergoing chemotherapy, to make a decision about moving patients from CDU. Later, he is informed that he has overspent the department's budget, and his attempts to make savings compromise the patients' care. Once he realises who serious the situation is, he decides to close down CDU and, to his staff's indignation, cancels leave. When Alicia tries to persuade him to back down, Ethan bluntly reminds her that, at work, he is her boss.

Meanwhile, Glen is uncomfortable with Charlotte not sharing his surname, so he decides to propose to Robyn. However, Robyn tells him about her struggles as a single mother, so Glen agrees to take her surname if they get married. She agrees, and the two become engaged. Elsewhere, Elle provides comfort to a former Nazi during his final hours of life.

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