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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Episode 1073 of Holby City is the 21st episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Karl Neilson and written by Saneh Ali and Matt Naylor.


A seemingly dishevelled Cameron is escorted to AAU by the police to participate in Eli's trial. Chloe, who is working her final week's notice, believes Cameron is putting on a facade and tries to back out of him, but she is encouraged to put her feelings aside by Eli and Ange. Cameron claims to be thankful for the opportunity to help make medical history, but he also signs a DNAR and insists on not being resuscitated. When left alone with Chloe, Cameron grabs her, blames her for not appreciating his sacrifices for her and getting him incarcerated, and proclaims that his "brain is the key that sets [him] free".

Secretly, a nurse visits Cameron and administers a syringe containing a potassium solution. Soon after, Cameron goes into asystole. Chloe attempts to revive him, but Eli orders her to stop and declares Cameron dead, believing that his aneurysm has ruptured. AAU is immediately spurred into action when the staff receive word of a major incident involving potentially dozens of casualties, but it soon turns out to be a hoax call. Remembering Cameron's words, Chloe realises that he was quoting Houdini and finds the discarded potassium vial as well as atropine eye drops. Chloe quickly deduces that Cameron, with help from an accomplice, faked his own death and used the hoax call to get himself off the ward quickly enough to be revived and freed.

Mia turns up outside the hospital drunk after being left alone at a party by Evie. After Mia is taken to Keller for treatment, Jeni instructs Evie to make sure Mia keeps schtum and to take her phone so it can be scrubbed of any untoward material. Mia tells Evie that she does not want to attend another party and opens up about being raped by three men. Evie is horrified, but Jeni gaslights Evie into taking responsibility for Mia's attendance. Before Mia can tell Donna about the abuse, Evie claims that she left Mia to play drinking games with some other girls. Privately, Evie convinces Mia that she went into the bedroom willingly and pressures her into continuing to attend the parties.

Having met a woman on a dating app going by the moniker "Madame X", Sacha — or "Mr Biggles" — finds himself loved up and invites the woman out on a date in the evening. When Donna notices Sacha's profile, he claims that he does not want to be judged "on aesthetics", but Donna reassures him about his looks and compliments his personality. Nevertheless, to Sacha's delight, "Madame X" accepts his invitation. Sacha arrives at Albie's and approaches a woman at the bar, but she is already in a relationship. However, he quickly realises that "Madame X" is actually Max. Despite the awkward coincidence, the two agree to a drink together and find themselves getting along.

Carole's dementia continues to worsen and causes her to believe that she is visiting the Isle of Sheppey. Jeong convinces Dominic to play along, and the two even pretend to be a couple for Carole, but she soon realises where she is and panics. Jeong tries to assure Dominic that there will be better days to come and voices his reservations about the stent surgery, but Dominic claims that he does not have a choice and just wants his mother.

Meanwhile, Lucky secretly enters Jeni's office and finds a bank statement caught in a shredder. Upon reviewing the statement, Lucky is suspicious of several large incoming transactions referring to "Mandy".


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