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Episode 1074 of Casualty is the 26th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Jordan Hogg and written by Steve Bailie.


At an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Dylan meets Ciara, who tries to persuade him to go for a drink with her. He rejects him, prompting her to take fellow alcoholic Joseph out instead. However, the next morning, she is horrified to discover that he has suffered a stroke and calls for an ambulance. They are both taken to the ED, and Ciara is surprised to learn that Dylan works there.

Joseph later suffers a catastrophic bleed, and Dylan decides that there is nothing that he can do for him. Ciara walks into resus and is devastated when Dylan stops treating him. Furious, she tells his colleagues that he is an alcoholic and leaves to drink at The Hope & Anchor. Dylan finds her there and encourages her to seek help for her alcoholism. That evening, inspired to beat his addiction, Dylan attends another meeting.

Meanwhile, Bea tries to prove her worth to Ethan by taking on as many patient's cases as possible. However, when a patient with a potential spinal injury begins to asphyxiate, she performs a log roll, putting them at risk of further injury. Ethan begins to suspect that she is responsible for the 'Rage in Resus' blog, but she vehemently denies being the author. Later, after seeing her commitment to her job, Ethan recommends her for a major trauma course.

Elsewhere, Rash learns of the incident involving Gem and Lily and accuses her of trying to steal his wallet when he finds her looking through it. Feeling unfairly treated, she works with the ancillary staff to get revenge on him by making him treat a brutish patient. When Rash realises what's going on and tricks Gem into believing that she has killed a patient, they decide to call a truce.

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