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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

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Episode 1074 of Holby City is the 22nd episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Karl Neilson and written by Davey Jones.


CCTV footage and an extensive search appear to show that Cameron has left the hospital, but, the following day, Chloe receives a ominous message from Cameron who — unbeknownst to Chloe and Henrik — has hidden in a vent in the basement. While Henrik searches the hospital, Cameron hears him in the basement and prepares to ambush him with a hammer, but Henrik answers a call from a person agreeing to visit the hospital to "stop history from repeating itself" and walks away. Unconvinced that Cameron had left the building in the first place, Henrik reviews the CCTV footage and realises that Cameron had used an accomplice to fake his departure. After leaving a message for Chloe promising to end "what [she] started", Cameron initiates the timer on a bomb he has constructed in a cage filled with oxygen cylinders. Upon spotting Cameron in a piece of CCTV footage, Henrik warns Ange to keep Chloe in theatre and have the door guarded by security. Henrik confronts Cameron outside the hospital, and Cameron promises that there will be consequences for him being underestimated. Henrik sympathises with Cameron, assures him that it is not too late for him to change, and wants him to speak to someone in particular. Cameron is shocked when Bernie exits a car and approaches her, but he is suddenly hit by an ambulance.

Dominic finds Carole believing that she is still a receptionist and answering calls on Darwin, and he reminds her of her situation. Carole is looking forward to the stent procedure and the prospect of spending more time with her son, but Max informs Dominic that the situation with Cameron has delayed Eli's trial and, by extension, hers. To Max's displeasure, Jac decides to go ahead with the surgery anyway, but Carole suffers another stroke. Max explains to Jac that Carole's intracranial stenosis has worsened, and the stent procedure would be far too risky, so Jac admits defeat. However, when Dominic relays a message Carole took while operating the phone, Jac is devastated to learn that her optic chiasm is being compressed. Jac opens up to Max about her chordoma and her motivations behind the stent trials; Max agrees to review her scans and finds that Jac could eventually go blind. Jac still wants Carole's surgery to go ahead for the sake of herself and others with similar conditions, but, when Eli reminds her that she is not a god, Jac admits to Carole that she pushed the trial ahead for selfish reasons and removes her as a candidate. Jac gives a devastated Dominic his mother's phone which contains a video message telling him that she is proud of him and assuring him that he will never be without her. Dominic thanks Jac for being a good friend to Carole and tells her that she did not have to deal with her tumour alone.

After Jeni instructs her to attend a party with Mia later in the day, Evie finds Aleysa Bonner who has sustained a deep arm laceration while jumping out of the window of a hotel room that was being raided by police. Unaware of the circumstances behind Aleysa's injury, Fletch allows her to be treated on Keller and soon becomes suspicious; Aleysa lies and claims to have been the passenger of a stolen car that had crashed. Evie warns Jeni that the police have been contacted, so Jeni tells Aleysa to "take the heat" and potentially go to prison, and she warns Evie that she will report Fletch to the police for Rich's assault if she tells anyone. Evie is stunned that Aleysa would agree to go to prison for Jeni, but Aleysa claims that Evie has no idea of what Jeni is capable of. As Jeni tries to control the situation with her client in custody, Lucky approaches her with the offer of starting over as colleagues; Jeni agrees and invites Lucky to help her organise a charity gala.

Meanwhile, Eli tries to soldier on with finding a new candidate for the cardiovascular stent trial and presents Jac with a virtual reality simulation of the procedure, but Jac wants him to assist Max in her trial, and he has also lost Chloe's confidence.


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