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Episode 1075 of Holby City is the 23rd episode of the show's 23rd series. It was directed by Dean Byfield and written by Andy Bayliss.


While Cameron undergoes surgery following the ambulance collision, Henrik is deeply concerned about his reasons for staying at the hospital in favour of escaping. When Cameron wakes up, he is uninterested in Bernie's explanation about her survival. He panics when he realises that he is on AAU rather than Darwin, but he tells Chloe that he is delighted to hear that Ange is undergoing her foetal tranfusion procedure down the corridor. After being called back to Cameron's bedside, Bernie explains that a colleague of hers that was wearing her body armour during the explosion, and the blood that was found was from her being shot. She was captured by a militia who needed a medic, but she was later rescued. Cameron scoffs at the idea that Bernie wanted to see him, and he declares that he intends to die in the hospital. Henrik wants to know what Cameron has done, and Bernie wants Cameron to take responsibility for the deaths he caused, but Cameron wants to know how long it has been since Bernie was rescued. Bernie admits that she has been free for over a year and claims that, as well as having already informed Charlotte and Marcus, she has been living with Serena Campbell. Floored, Cameron informs Henrik and Bernie that they have half an hour until an explosive device he has set in the hospital detonates. Bernie refuses to believe Cameron would create a bomb, but Henrik immediately takes the threat seriously and tells Bernie that she does not know her son. While Henrik informs the police and organises the evacuation of the hospital, Cameron tells Bernie that he wanted to be "brilliant for her" and scoffs at the idea of her staying in Spain with Serena. However, when Bernie admits that she never truly wanted children, Cameron appreciates her honesty and reveals that the device is in the oxygen store in the basement.

Jeni continues to force Evie to take Mia to the parties, but Evie is growing increasingly defiant. With Fletch fearing for Rich's condition, Jeni decides to strengthen her grip of Evie and suggests to Fletch that she move in with him and the children. Lucky finds Evie with Rich and notes her close relationship with Jeni. Lucky maintains that, regardless of the consequences of her actions, she cared for Andrei and urges Evie to tell her anything regarding Jeni that she should know. Lucky asks if the name "Mandy" means anything to Evie; Evie initially pleads ignorance but then claims "it means nothing". Lucky approaches Fletch about Jeni's bank transactions and her relationship with Rich and Evie, but Fletch is adamant that, whatever Lucky thinks, she is wrong. After Fletch informs her that Jeni is moving in with them, Evie decides to tell Lucky the truth about "Mandy", but she is devastated when Lucky concludes that Jeni has been diverting money from the hospital. Lucky pleads with Evie as she walks away, so Evie directs her to the top drawer of Jeni's desk. There, Lucky is stunned to find several girls' passports, including Evie's and Mia's. When Jeni walks in, Lucky realises that she is operating a sex trafficking ring and tries to leave, but Jeni hits her over the face with an ornament.

It is the day of the foetal transfusion, and Ange is concerned about Cameron's presence in the department. Spooked by Cameron's pleasure at Ange undergoing the procedure, Chloe decides to accompany Ange and Josh in theatre. During the transfusion, Ange complains of pain in her back and believes she is bleeding. When both her and the babies begin to deteriorate, the obstetrician Frazer Forbes opens Ange up in order to perform a caesarean, but he, Chloe and Josh are informed of the bomb and instructed to stay put. Frazer manages to stabilise Ange, but the babies continue to fight for survival.

Outside the hospital, Henrik learns that Cameron is still in the building and goes back inside. At 5:30pm, the device detonates, leaving AAU badly damaged and many lives hanging in the balance.


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