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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1076 of Casualty is the 28th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Paul Riordan and written by Oliver Frampton.


Pumped up after his success in resus the previous week, Rash treats a violent prisoner named Jack who has been stabbed in the thigh. After provoking him and getting kneed in the face, Rash asks Dylan to take over. Gem believes that Jack has been abused by the prison guard that was also injured, but the guard claims that he was trying to stop Jack from harming himself.

After calling the hospice Jack spoke to earlier that day, Rash realises that Jack has taken Gem hostage. Rash catches up with them as Jack tries to drive to the hospice and jumps onto the car's bonnet. When the car stops, Rash tries to deescalate the situation and tells Jack that his uncle has died. Devastated, Jack lets Gem go and is apprehended by police. Later, Rash cleans Gem up in cubicles, and he is thrilled when she tells him that he impressed her.

Meanwhile, Ethan informs Bea that she will be spending the week in orthopaedics to compete for a place on the international trauma course. She is forced to work with fellow F1 Eddie to treat a patient with a bullet from the Falklands War embedded inside him. While operating, Eddie asks Bea to take over due to one of his contact lenses giving him grief. As Bea drills the final screw of the plate in, the drill bit chips on something, but Eddie suggests leaving it be as the damage appears to be superficial.

Later, Bea becomes angry at Eddie for taking credit for the procedure. The patient soon begins to deteriorate, leading her to suggest that he is suffering from lead poisoning. At dinner, Bea admits to Alex Broadhurst that she took over the operation and caused the complications, covering for Eddie. Afterwards, Alex tells her that she knows what happened but informs her that she is still a contender for the course.

Elsewhere, Ethan continues to give Alicia the cold shoulder, but Charlie reminds him that, just because she wronged him, he should still trust the rest of his team.