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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1079 of Casualty is the 31st episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Alex Jacob and written by Laura Poliakoff and Claire Miller.


Ethan treats a pregnant woman named Leigh-Anne after her waters broke at a bus stop, and she insists on being treated at St. James. When her baby Kiegan is delivered, Ethan is left stupefied when he learns that the father of the child is Scott Ellisson. Hearing that she has been evicted from her home, he helps her find a new place to live once she is discharged. Later, he visits her on maternity and offers to help her look after Kiegan; she declines.

Wanting to understand why Dylan kept his alcoholism a secret from her, Sam tries to ask him out for a meal, but he rejects her. Meanwhile, Charlie glories in being promoted back to clinical nurse manager, but Duffy is not happy when he leaves for work early and decides to stay for a night shift.