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Episode 1081 of Casualty is the 33rd episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Gwenllian Gravelle and written by Aisling Kiely and Jeff Povey. The events of this episode take place directly after the previous, which took place in-universe on 14 April.


Following her fall, Bea is taken to the ED for treatment. She allows the bouncer who called 999 to jump in front of her in the queue after he continually pesters her, and she encourages him to be honest about his injuries. Later, he deteriorates, and Bea has to tell him that he will have to quit his job. Upstairs, she is devastated to learn that her patient Shawn is now on life support following an unsuccessful operation. Feeling guilty, Bea hands in her resignation and runs away.

Meanwhile, Ethan returns to work after spending time on the neonatal ward with Leigh-Anne. She unintentionally upsets Robyn when he questions whether she is fit to practise, and she throws a present she received from Glen posthumously in the bin. Regretful, he personally retrieves it from the hospital's bins and returns the gift. Wanting to return to "the simple life", Ethan resigns as acting Clinical Lead and decides to focus on his relationship with Leigh-Anne.

Alicia is tasked with mentoring F1 Eddie McAllister on his first shift in the ED, and she is impressed by his intuition as he treats an autistic patient.

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