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The 36th episode of series 32 is the 1084th episode of Casualty overall. The episode was directed by Shaun Evans and written by Debbie Owen.


Iain and Sam find a disorientated woman with deep lacerations to her head aimlessly walkings the streets, and they decide to take her to the emergency department. Upon arrival, Connie instantly recognises her as Maggie Coomes, her friend from chemotherapy. Fearing that she was assaulted at home, the ambulance team and the police are sent to her home, and they find her husband Ray unresponsive after overdosing on Maggie's prescribed morphine.

When Ray regains consciousness, Connie is disturbed to learn that he is responsible for Maggie's injuries. However, when a scan shows that her cancer has spread to her frontal lobe, Ray claims that she didn't recognise him and attacked him. Connie allows Ray to comfort Maggie during her final moments. Later, Connie receives a pet goldfish from Maggie posthumously. Concerned about her own health, she scans her heart to try to find any remnants of her tumour.

On Bea's first day back at work, Ethan and Alicia get her and Eddie to compete against each other in treating and discharging the most patients. While Eddie treats an infant who allegedly has leukaemia, Bea and David help a young patient struggling with menstrual psychosis. At the end of the shift, Ethan and Alicia agree to be friends again, but Alicia is devastated to learn that he has met someone. At The Hope & Anchor, Alicia and Eddie have a drink together, and they share a kiss. They then decide to spend the night together at Alicia's house.

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