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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1085 of Casualty is the 37th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was written and directed by Jon Sen.

The events of the episode take place on 27 May 2018, the day after the events of the previous.


After spending the night with Eddie, Alicia, who is visibly traumatised, goes for a run. In an attempt to avoid him at work, she volunteers to attend the scene of a nasty coach crash without Connie's permission, where she and the ambulance team narrowly miss getting flattened by a collapsing wall. Upon returning to the ED, overwhelmed by the day's events, she collapses in resus. While Ethan treats her, Alicia tries to open up about what happened with Eddie, but Elle interrupts.

When Alicia returns home, she struggles to cope with her emotions. Later, Ethan visits her to confess his love for her, and Alicia makes another attempt to talk to him about her experience with Eddie. However, Ethan finds a note from Eddie and leaves. Overcome with anger and anguish, Alicia burns her bedsheets and duvet.

Meanwhile, Leigh-Anne returns to the ED to have Kiegan taken off oxygen, and asks Ethan to accompany her. On the wards, paediatric consultant Jonathan Barling notices their romance and warns Ethan about the potential ramifications of his relationship with Leigh-Anne. Shortly after, Kiegan is readmitted to the ED when Leigh-Anne claims that he isn't breathing and is cyanotic, and she demands a second opinion from Ethan. After he confirms that there is nothing wrong with Kiegan, he breaks up with her, claiming that starting a relationship with her was a mistake.

Sam allows Blake to use the ambulance station to study while his father works, but she soon finds him using her punching bag. Meanwhile, Connie continues to fret about her health.