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Episode 1087 of Casualty is the 39th episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Roberto Bangura and written by Jess O'Kane and Jeff Povey.


Connie prepares to attend a meeting with Dylan to pitch her trauma theatre, but Elle informs her that Dylan is busy trying to find Dervla and takes his place. On the way, after Connie punctures a wheel on a pothole, they are splashed by a passing car and decide to stop at a petrol station to get cleaned up. However, they soon realise that they have stepped into the scene of a robbery. Outside, he crashes into their car and unintentionally knocks over his own daughter, forcing Connie and Elle to step in to treat her.

Following the incident, with the car out of commission, Connie and Elle hitchhike their way to the meeting and arrive in the nick of time. Later, at the hotel, Elle offends Connie when she brings up her self-testing. However, shortly after, the two get drunk together and become friends.

Back at the ED, Rash and Gem are tasked with taking care of Connie's goldfish Mrs B. Later, they panic when they find her dead in her tank. After they decide to buy a replacement in the hope that Connie wouldn't notice, they become suspicious when Noel has already bought a new fish. As they interrogate him, he cracks and admits that he accidentally spilled coffee into the tank.

Meanwhile, Bea finds Alicia asleep on her sofa and wakes her up for work. At the ED, Alicia scolds her for questioning her patient about the circumstances of her injuries, but she later apologises when the patient fails to inform that of their allergy to codeine and goes into shock.

David becomes paranoid when a police ad appears in the newspaper asking for information about a man who looks identical to him. Elsewhere, Jacob tries to help Robyn in her fight against parking fines but only makes the problem worse.

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