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Episode 1091 of Casualty is the 43rd episode of the show's 32nd series. The episode was directed by Fiona Walton and written by Hamish Wright.


At her counselling session, Ruth asks Alicia if she is considering contacting the police. At work, she tells Bea that she is not going to report Eddie to the authorities and insists that she is feeling better. She tries to work with Eddie, but he confronts her after Bea tells him that she knows what he did to Alicia. Furious, she tells Bea to move out once she returns from the trauma course in Paris. Later, in a heated argument, Alicia slaps Bea when she tells her that she is lying to herself about feeling better. That night, Alicia finally decides to go to the police.

Back at the ED, Connie opens the trauma theatre and is eager to put it to good use. She annoys Elle when she convinces her patient's father to agree to surgery, despite Elle's suggestion of continuing making assessments. As complications arise in theatre, Connie decides to step in and take over. Later, she is left confused when Elle suggests going out together, prompting Elle to remind her that they can be at war in the ED but can also be friends outside of work.

Meanwhile, after getting advice from Eddie, Rash decides to adopt a more assertive approach to asking Gem out, and Bea sends Alex Broadhurst's team her flight itinerary.

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