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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1095 of Casualty is the third episode of the show's 33rd series. The episode was directed by Thomas Hescott and written by Marissa Lestrade and Steve Bailie.


Following the crash, Alicia insists on keeping herself busy at work, so Connie makes her medical lead for the day. She treats a young girl who requires a kidney transplant, but a head injury he sustained in a crash may prevent her from having the operation. Alicia pressures radiology to take her in for an MRI and is relieved to learn that the scan shows no sign of a bleed.

Later, Alicia arrives at court to attend Eddie's plea hearing. He maintains that he is innocent, prompting Alicia to tell him about the joy she'll feel by putting the events of their night together on public record. At the hearing, Alicia walks out when he pleads guilty. Upon returning to the ED, she informs Connie that she wants to specialise in paediatrics.

Back at the ED, Dylan receives a letter asking him to clear out Sam's locker. In resus, he treats an elderly patient who had escaped his care home with his friend and breaks the news that he has cancer. Later that day, Dylan invites Jacob to help empty Sam's locker. During the evening, he and Ciara walk Dervla and Bacchus together, and, after he mentions not having someone like Sam in his life anymore, they share a passionate kiss and decide to spend the night together.

Meanwhile, Rash's parents leave for a romantic weekend together, and, in their absence, he decides to invite Gem to their house for food. That evening, they start to undress each other until Madia unexpectedly returns. Rash apologises to Gem, and she tells him not to worry and reminds him that they can be more intimate when she gets her own place to live.

Elsewhere, Duffy prepares to take Charlie to her granddaughter's birthday party. However, after a group of children run riot in his office, he insists on cleaning up the mess himself. Following the party, Duffy is thrilled to see Bill, an old friend. They decide to catch up over a drink.


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