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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1104 of Casualty is the 12th episode of the show's 33rd series. The episode was directed by James Bryce and written by Rob Gittins.

This episode marks the first appearance of student nurse Jade Lovall, portrayed by Gabriella Leon.


Louise is seconded to the hospital's maternity ward for the day. There, she finds student nurse Jade Lovall sleeping in a spare cubicle. Louise is unimpressed by her poor attentiveness, and, when consultant Joshua suggests moving Jade to the ED, she declines the offer. However, when a patient begins to choke on a sweet, Jade redeems herself by helping Louise perform a cricothyroidotomy.

Later, Louise tells Joshua about Jade's exceptional work, but he tells her that she will go back to her usual self tomorrow. When Jade overhears him saying that she is not cut out to be a nurse, she becomes upset and leaves. Louise finds her preparing to leave her shift early, and she tells her that she could try out working in the ED; Jade accepts the offer.

While treating the victim of a hit-and-run, Iain notices a suspicious woman looming nearby. At the ED, he encounters the woman in the carpark and learns that she is responsible for the accident. He asks the injured man if she is allowed to visit him, but he is shocked to discover that, a year prior, he had run over and killed her daughter. She soon enters resus, and the two come to an understanding. After he had frozen at the wheel earlier that day, Ruby asks Iain if he is alright, and he tells her that his answer to his grief is working. However, after seeing a passing woman who looks like Mia and having flashbacks of the crash in July, he makes a phone call to the wellbeing team and tells them that he needs help.

Meanwhile, Rash works with Ethan to treat an elderly patient who appears to be malnourished. Ethan tells him that they need to run more tests to make a judgement, but Rash disagrees. Elsewhere, Alicia tells Ethan that she is trying to get toy donations for the paeds waiting room.


  • When Joshua jokes about Jade being late to work due to an "invasion of aliens", Jade responds with, "You know all about them." This is possibly a reference to Joshua's actor Gareth David-Lloyd's role as Ianto Jones in the sci-fi show Torchwood.