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This article covers a real-world subject which should not be taken as part of the Holby universe.

Episode 1108 of Casualty is the 16th episode of the show's 33rd series. The episode was directed by Eric Styles and written by Katie Douglas.


With their relationship rekindled, Charlie plans to take Duffy on a romantic hot-air balloon flight. Bill is taken into the ED after collapsing at home, and, unaware of his link to Duffy, Charlie treats him, and the two start to get on. Soon, Bill's daughter Rachael comes to visit him, and she insists on taking a blood test to prove to him that she is sober. After Bill mentions that he knows Duffy, Charlie asks him how, and Bill tells him that they had a one-night stand, leaving him lost for words. Duffy confronts Bill and is saddened to learn that he told Charlie about their affair.

In the corridor, speaking to Charlie, Duffy insists that her night with Bill was a mistake, but, as she tries to explain herself, David calls them back into cubicles to treat Bill whose condition is starting to worsen. Rachael's blood test results arrive, and she is informed that she may have acute gastritis. She is adamant that she has not been drinking, but she begins to vomit blood and is taken into resus. Fortunately, Charlie suggests that the soft drinks she's been having has irritated the damage she caused while she was an alcoholic.

Later, Charle assures Duffy that they are still a team, and he agrees to go out for dinner with her. However, he witnesses her holding Bill's hand, and he tells her that he doesn't trust her. Duffy tries to tell him about the possibility of her having dementia, but he interrupts and dismisses it. She then decides to move out.

Jade encourages Marty to speak to Joshua, but she struggles to keep a straight face when his attempts at flirting leave a lot to be desired. After finding him at the ED's coffee shop, he manages to secure a date, but Jade reminds him that he needs to take Charlotte with him. Robyn allows him to babysit Charlotte, and he leaves to go on his date with Joshua.

Meanwhile, following his disastrous evening with Ruby, Iain calls in sick to work, leading Ruby to believe that he is avoiding her. Elsewhere, David helps boost the confidence of a green police officer.